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  1. Mullet Boiis Veteran App

    Mullet Boii Veteran Rank Application You must have atleast 50 posts on the forums.(yes,) 50 on the dot. Account creation must be atleast 12 months old. 2+ years on this one account Your past 30 days play time must be atleast 50 hours. (Yes) (I have no life rw is life) No severe punishments in the past 90 days.(No) False muted that got reverted (10 minutes later)(due to spamm names and a miss type on the mod end) No past toxic behavior. (No) (I am one of the leaders of mercy I always respect the people of the game) (maybe a little clan yell but that's it) Thanks for reading -Shayne
  2. Huge Rewards: Happy New Year!

    lets go
  3. Runecrafting Guide

    I will use this guild to craft me to 99 rc well put together mate
  4. Jarry Veteran Rank Application

    Good luck brother 🤞
  5. Wicked love the update can't wait for some ven numbered fights
  6. Knife OSRS Vet Application

    Good Luck Brother <3 hope you make it
  7. Lifes GFX Shop

    Hope all goes well for you and your talent mate best of luck.
  8. Selling Masori Chaps CHEAPER!

    Next time sell on the ::tp (trading post)
  9. Legacy Pking CC

    Welcome Boys hope so see you grow big and strong and hopfully at a fight one day - The Other Mercy Guy.
  10. MERCY. #1 pking CC on runewild

  11. MU Veteran Rank Application

    rule #1 dont spamm for vet rank
  12. Very well put together post well needed updated
  13. Gora Veteran rank application

    +1 helpful lad <3
  14. It's all right at the end of the day keep on grind

    Ezpz thanks for the guild it will help dohx ^.^
  16. Sick update G thx for the updates
  17. ez for a man like david, very nice update brought a lot of new content to the game making it not stale ^,^
  18. Dohx Staff Application

    +1 from me this kid is a legand, never goes outside n touches grass ^,^ very helpful lots of game knowledge and a over all good person. gl buddy
  19. #Gunslingers | The Destruction of Demon Vennys

    Good luck on yalls adventure zgl

    Hope there more to come keep it up
  21. #Dimp VLOG 3 - THE REVAMP

    They really be out here <.<
  22. #Dimp - Kings of Wilderness VLOG #2

    Damn son nice collection ^,^
  23. Mercy pking vid

    #Mercyonmychest #oppkilla
  24. genshin imp's pk video (hybrid)

    Very nice video nice clicks Keep it up g
  25. Tombs of Amascut - Trial and half guide! (BIG GIVEAWAY)

    Keep up the good work mate