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  1. Veteran rank Ho-Oh

    zl o
  2. Clue Scrolls, Real Achievements, and Minigames

    +1 for clue scrolls, would be an excellent addition
  3. Some really nice QoL changes, thanks based david
  4. Helloo everyone!

    Welcome, if you want a pvm cc feel free to hop in "Nexus Clan" ingame
  5. Revs Singles+

    They never require you to pay though, you're just assuming that "sometimes i see 20-30 -ppl just pvmin in there without a worry" kill em then, it's multi?
  6. Get yourself some ranks asides from the main big items servant is also a nice purchase.
  7. itemID

    yeah like kaz said !getid d'hide would show you the item codes for all items with what you search in the name then !item 0001 or whatever.
  8. Add pre-pot option to setups

    It'd be really nice if you could select pots / consumables to be consumed as you open a setup so you don't have to angler>boost pot>reload setup.
  9. Lock slayer master and TP mage in place

    If that's the case they could at least wander a bit less often, a slayer task doesn't take ten seconds
  10. Simpy's AIO Skilling Guide

    big boi guide, ty
  11. As is, the CC setup interface shows usernames in a random order, with bigger cc's this can make finding a specific person a bit of a pain.
  12. Currently, if either of these two NPC's are walking you cannot interact with them until they stop walking, they'll often stand under other npc's or players too, would be a nice QoL change
  13. Noted mboxes and ultras

    +1 on this, would be super helpful
  14. Ironman Loot Problems

    Yeah I have a hard time doing any task on my irons with only one of the task monster, would be happy to pay a sum of gp per instance also
  15. Highscores For Killcount

    +1 for this, adds a extra level of accomplishment for people grinding bosses