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  1. Yell Color

    sweet man get that chat box all colorful and stuff
  2. ~ Coach's Intro ~ o("o)

    Hey coach you might rember me "DIZ" and good to see you back again hope you have lots of fun just to keep you updated make sure you do ::rules and check all the newest updates on runewild! have a great time.
  3. Staff Update 1/22/2019

    Congratulations boiss
  4. Good to be back

    Welcome back g and its diz u might rember me
  5. Another suggestion

  6. Another suggestion

    So iv been thinking again and doing pvm around the server and yes its amazing how all the bosses have a unqieu drop but thhere no actul challenge so maybe like raids 2 we have the end boss but maybe as a way fo doing raids 1 or the new hydra boss for but the whole thing and ik it will take awhile but it will make a challenge or maybe some other way of getting the end game stuff uch as the new gloves and inferno caoe because vorkath is always gonna be a hard thing to do so if ironmen could do raids 1 for a slim chance of the new gloves and inferno or something just brainstorming and stuff.
  7. Clan wars

    So i believe you should implement a "clan wars" kind of thing where people can pk and practice and have fun without having to duel or anything and just have a laugh with more then 2 people involved.
  8. First Solo Scythe in Game

    Congratulations man dayum!
  9. my idea

    so i was thinking of a bunch of ideas and i have 3 in total so far. - 1. weekly challenges for free art - 2. scammer blacklist - 3. weekly post stating all players suggestions gathered up by a player or staff and put polls on the post for community to vote on best ones. so lets start off the with challenges, To win this suppose art (Made by me). you will have to either beat everyone in such as - most xp gained in 1 week - most npcs killed in 1 week - most pvm loot in 1 week - most slayer points gained in 1 week - most pk points gained in 1 week (no boosting) - Most kills in 1 week - ect you get the picture. and doing this will make the whole game active and popular and maybe gain more players and more clans and bonus the forums would be so flashy from all the art , it could be measured by a highscores option that evaulates "xp gained in 1 week" or something like that or like on forums how it measures your reputation from 1 week u could do something the same. Next we will discuss about the scammer black list due to the rules It says about scammers and stuff but what happens if you aint got evidence? then boom the scammer black list comes into play so players that play runewild could very easily check the list before trading or staking or gambling anyone and go boom u are a scammer and dont trade him. its an idea to keep players safe around the game of runewild. Next we will talk about player suggestion post, So with all updates we always see a few players complaining right? well what if we have a showcase forums post made by 1 person such as a player or a community manager or something that collects and measures all the suggestions from the playerbase and then puts it into 1 post every week and all players vote on it and then we see if it becomes a update that way its players ideas and they voted so no one can moan. and the game will always have new content which no other server does! This has been jake thank you for reading this please comment and share your opinions.
  10. easy AFK money guide

    So we are going to blood barrage monsters on the catacombs the best ones is probably Smoke devils [best for AFK] So for Dust devils this is the gear your going to need - Rich - Average - Poor - With these gears you can average 20m - 50m an hour at dust devils. ( Helps if u have augury ) To maximize the money per hour it helps if you go to this spot because all dust devils go into 3 piles instead of all around and all u have to do is stand still. Stand here - You also dont just get Blood money you can get a veryiety of - You can wear a ring of wealth or a Ring of wealth (i) To help maximize your profits ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Slayer is also a very good Idea for money you can average out around 5m a task ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You can also do achievements for 2-40m cash (be a where they take some time)