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  1. Always a good job my man
  2. Xhevahir95 Veteran Application

    Your application has been denied. Please wait atleast a month to re-apply.
  3. Veteran rank

    Your veteran application has been declined. Please let atleast a month past before re-applying.
  4. Eternals/Peter Harassment

    No one noticed that it wasn't "fashonscape" that was the server.. it was "Simplicity". But ill speak with peter.
  5. Veteran rank

    ill be checking up on your activity soon. gl
  6. Raids 2 Guide

    Nice guide
  7. Runewild Pking 8 on YouTube @samase

  8. Gambling Guide

    awesome guide bud
  9. Returning player

    Welcome brother! Glad to have you back
  10. Hi all!

    Welcome! If you have any questions you can DM me in game ign "Winning"
  11. Yell Tag Scroll

    You just need a membership bond brother.
  12. NPC Locations Guide

    Thanks for the guide B !
  13. and or pm me or an admin +
  14. Im back

    nice to have you back brother .