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  1. Says this when I try to accept your invite to discord adam: whoops.. unable to accept invite. every time. I just want rank in cc infection so I can kill bosses and pk with clan pleaseee.



    why did they give me disable adam if I did not do anything wrong
    1. Pradactor12


      why did they give me disable adam if I did nothing wrong mine was only fp a pvp explain to me why my disable
  3. Plagues Breakaway.

    OBJECTIVE Our main focus is to take back dominance of multi. As many of you know, i am the person who created Plague. We held complete dominance of RuneWild for 12 months. However a sudden change of circumstances surrounded the Hierarchy, and as a group, we decided to break-away. We estimate that Ayplex will have just a week of dominance before Infection takes back what was there's. We will, be bigger than ever, before. Official information Official Clan Chat name: Infection RECRUITMENT Username: Timezone: Multi/ singles pker? Play time: (Town crier @Home) Language(s): Discord: Yes/ No Microphone: Yes/ No Upon completion of this format: (PM Adam in-game.) Discord link: https://discord.gg/ckhPfJbAKZ
  4. Plague Official Clan Thread

  5. muteed wtf ??

    You was muted for attempting to rwt. Your mute was 6 hours. Hopefully that will teach you not to attempt it again.
  6. Weaponize Team

    Goodluck, As a owner of Plague, I wish you the best of luck bringing your CC here to RW. Look forward to some action.
  7. Plague Official Clan Thread

    To join our discord, ::Plaguediscord in-game. Or click the link on this recruitment post. We've surpassed 170 members in cc at once already. Time to smash that 200 mark.

    Good luck, look forward to the competition.
  9. Returning player

    Make a request here brother, hope you get it sorted. And ofc, welcome back. - https://www.runewild.com/forums/forum/53-account-billing/
  10. Plague Official Clan Thread

    All accepted, join our discord here -> https://discord.gg/nxQNa3VCz8
  11. Plague Official Clan Thread

    ACCEPTED! Our discord is: https://discord.gg/xb2RAVQ
  12. OBJECTIVE Us within the Clan Chat of PLAGUE will never give up. Any obstacles, we will overcome. We're a small selected group of friends that have decided to piece together a MULTI Clan Chat, which is going to be completely focused on dominating all MULTI aspects of the game. PLAGUE Will be a OPEN Clan Chat, and a competitive team of MULTI pkers. Our objective is to demoralize ANY team that stands in our way. MULTI is our territory and we will not hesitate to clear anyone and everyone from any location in game. We will be dominant. Official information Official Clan Chat name: PLAGUE RECRUITMENT Username: Timezone: K/D Ratio: (Screenshot) Play time: (Town crier @Home) Language(s): Discord: Yes/ No Microphone: Yes/ No Upon completion of this format: (PM Adam, Winningg in-game.) Discord link: https://discord.gg/nxQNa3VCz8