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  1. Adam's App

    Big thanks for the support ladies. ๐Ÿ‘
  2. Raids 2 - Theatre of Blood

    Raids doesn't take long atall, and is really easy to complete. I've taught atleast 10-20+ people how to to do tob on runewild. However since releasing Torva, Justiciar pieces are pretty much worthless, which imo should make the average loot increase.
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    My man Bradie๐Ÿ‘Š
  4. How do i get the ROW to work?

    The ring of wealth doesn't auto pick up coins on this game mate, however if you imbue it for a 25M fee, it'll increase your rare drop rate chances
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    As always, never fails to impress.
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    Appreciate the support fella <3
  8. Staff Application

    I think a permenant support or even helper rank would suite you, however i couldn't see you going any further as for the past issues when you was a moderator I believe you're one of the best helpers on the game, you get a joy/ satisfaction out of helping people, which is great. However you know what im talking about with what happened in the past when you was a moderator, thats my sole reason i couldn't give you a +1. I wish you the best of luck my friend
  9. Good to see suggestions and Qol suggestions getting added in such a short time, good stuff๐Ÿ‘
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    My man Elmoo, appreciate the feedback brother, see you in the wilderness
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    Appreciate your support.
  12. Adam's App

    Staff Application What's your in-game username? - Adam What is your timezone? - GMT/ UK What is your playtime? - Tell us a little about your gaming history. - Alot of you may already know, I've played Runewild since release, And the previous servers, e.g LocoPk beforehand. I put an enormous amount of effort into the game, for example testing future updates before release, reporting bugs, administrating the forums to the best of my ability before it slid downhill... Without being big-headed, i generally think i performed my role on the staff team previously in a professional manner, whilst maintaining a enjoyable gamining experience for the players. I've tried playing other private servers, but none are as enjoyable as RuneWild. (in my opinion) As the majority of the playerbase, ive ofcourse had a history playing OSRS. Why do you want to be a member of our staff team? Firstly, I'd like to highlight the current activity within the staff team. (without any intention of bashing any staff member) I believe the current activity within the staff team is massively lacking compared to how it used to be. Im glad in a way that its not only myself who's recognised this... Secondly, even after resigning quite a few months ago, i still have players messaging me in-game asking questions about in-game issues. I believe with my previous history/ experience within the staff team could be a decent asset to the current team. Anything else you want to tell us can be posted here. - Im fully aware that one or two of the current staff members may not agree to me applying for this position, due to disagreements we've had in the near past, however im looking forward to the constructive criticsm that you can give me on how you think i could improve as a player, and a person that you think could fulfill the role of a staff member. I also want to let you know, if you think ive been big-headed through-out this application, it is not intended in anyway shape or form, i believe im the right man to help support the current staff members that are on the team to-date. I know the game pretty much inside-out, and im sure the current guides on forums need to be massively editted/ updated, so the new/ some existing players, get the full benefit of the game, which i know i could help with. If anybody is wondering why i resigned in the past, feel free to message me on discord, or private message on forums/ in-game. I look forward to your opinions/ feedback. Many thanks, Adam

    Could do with some more active staff, aslong as you keep being the MAMU i know of and not the past MAMU, i can't see why you shouldn't be trialed as a support staff member. The main reason im giving you a +1 is because, a friend of mine joined Rw yesterday whilst i was at work, and you're the first person who showed him the ropes of ironman, helping him without any need to reallly. That alone shows the person you're capable of being. +1, goodluck moving forward with you app.
  14. Starting out my YT channel

    I'm not commenting shit. It's abit of common sense that you'll atleast, make an effort with a Runewild video before even asking for such a thing. And that video you've posted isn't even worthy of a youtube rank in-game. All's im saying is, atleast put some form of effort into a video before attempting to ask such things.
  15. Loc already?