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  1. Bio's reintroduction

    Welcome back brother
  2. It’s a no from me, sorry. No need to explain in further detail, as others have already stated my point. Wish you all the best moving forward with your application.
  3. Be In It To Win It! (OSRS Rewards)

    Much easier way to claim OSRS rewards. Dope work.

    Hello lads. As always, the staff team is always eager to hear your feedback on how we're working together as a team, and our positives/ negatives of how we're performing our roles. Since we've not really received much staff feedback since our previous event, we've decided to reward the person who gives us the most detailed staff feedback on our negatives and positives as a whole. The top 3 feedback's which will be chosen by the staff team, will be rewarded with a cash prize. 1ST 2ND 3RD To Enter this Giveaway Staff Feedback Format This thread will be locked on Friday 15th March The winner will be chosen on Sunday 17th March I would like to thank all participants in advance, and i look forward to seeing feedback on what we could work on as a staff and as an individual.
  5. david never cheeks messages

    Please make an appeal under the account and billing section which can be found here -> https://www.runewild.com/forums/forum/53-account-billing/ Please make sure you use the correct format.
  6. Congratulations to all the winners.
  7. We was slacking massively in donator perks. So yes, this was a huge update, and a big boost towards donators. I was being serious btw xD. Plenty of future updates are also being worked on.
  8. And what suggestions do you have personally?
  9. J's Staff Application

    NGL. This is a really well wrote application. I can tell you spent a lot of time and effort writing this up. However I’m going to remain neutral as of now, simply due to the fact of seeing certain comments in-game that you’re aware of. However I’ll be keeping an eye on you in the coming week and will be sure to change my opinion. NEUTRAL.
  10. want be staff

    Application lacks in detail a lot, not much effort put into it atall. Also I’d like to see you not flame bait on yell now you’re chasing a staff position. Nothing much else I can say. Good luck, no support from me.
  11. ~ Coach's Intro ~ o("o)

    Welcome back brother.
  12. Yell Color

  13. RuneWild Big Boy List

    Ngl some of these are dope