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  1. Completionist Cape

    + Extra drop rate and some minor stat boosts. I mean come on, 200m all skills is a serious feat, people deserve a meaningful reward, additionally it would entice others into skilling, allowing them to enjoy all the game has to offer. Great idea, I just recommend some actual buffs attached to it too considering how hard it is to obtain, but that's just my view.
  2. I think being able to choose from a certain number of kills for our slayer boss tasks, like the system in OSRS, would make slayer bossing a lot more fun. Am I in the mood to kill 10 cerb? Sure, maybe even 20, but 40? By that point the variety has worn off, the entire point of slayer is variety. I don't know how the system works in OSRS other than being able to choose between a set range, lets say 3-40 boss kills. Obviously the slayer points would needed to be tweaked to prevent boosting easy points, but other than that I think this would be a great addition to keep the main factor that makes slayer a popular skill. The variety. I'd be happy to hear from anybody who agrees or disagrees with me, alongside any other changes you feel should be proposed, thanks for taking the time to read, I hope you all enjoy your day/night,
  3. Combat Levels for BH

    Hello, I'm playing realism mode and couldn't get any targets at 109 CB despite seeing another 110 CB player in Edgeville wilderness. Are there only certain CB levels or certain builds that are allowed to be assigned targets in bounty hunter? Thank you.