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  1. Plague Official Clan Thread

    Accepted join the discord and just copy this in and I'll look Discord: https://discord.gg/xb2RAVQ Accepted join the discord and just copy this in and I'll look Discord: https://discord.gg/xb2RAVQ Accepted join the discord and just copy this in and I'll look Discord: https://discord.gg/xb2RAVQ
  2. mafia war

    Translation: We are the anti-pest team, in this case, we are a communion of team that we were formed to eliminate that plague, which is, taking over all runewild, join to eliminate the plague just follow the steps to join our anti-pest school And you've just insulted yourself you retarded fuck LOL. Back to education i guess "anti pest school" also hmu for unban fee so you can pay another 500m, you've paid 4 times (new record).
  3. Savages Official Clan Thread

    Immediately Rejected No.
  4. Savages Official Clan Thread

    Username - Seal Jr Time zone - GMT +1 K/d ratio - (Picture/Screenshot) Playtime (Location is at ::guide) - (Picture/screenshot) Language - English Discord - Yes Microphone - Yes
  5. 6IXTH vs The World PT.3

    I know you lot have all been waiting for this so here it is lads and girls. Your episodic music: #6IXTH On The Top
  6. supanova vet application <3

    you jumped from 52 posts to 63 in a few hours you ain't getting it lol.
  7. supanova vet application <3

    You realise some posts get deleted mate...? And there is a rule of grave digging posts lol. Every mod who has 50+ posts has got it over time whereas you have gotten it in legit 2 days.
  8. staff review

    the fact you're flaming mods and you expect a veteran rank shows us all mate. We all now know for sure you aint getting it lol.
  9. 6IXTH VS The World PT.2

    Hey There! Back for more I see well here we go geezer.... This Season's Banger Of A Song: Episode 3 Expanding The 6IXTH Dominance: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/give-henk-tank-english-lessons
  10. 6IXTH VS The World

    Welcome to a series brought to you by 6ixth: This Thread's Good Tune For You To Listen To: Episode 1 The 6IXTH Army's Demolition Of RW's Clans: Episode 2 The Vene's Failed Rebellion: After one unsuccessful HP Event "Much Money CC" & "R O B E R T CC" decided they would try and merge with another clan and still fail to pull ops when needed. This is what we done to them: "Saint Vasta" wasn't happy at all with a little baiting in the chat. #6ixth Lads That does it for today's episodes of 6ixth VS The World. Tune in next time where we continue to dominate every foe who step in our way.
  11. Seal's Support App

    +1 Defo helpful 24/7 doesn't go too far with flaming at all. Deserves it. Support
  12. Adam's App

    Brilliant application and great confidence towards other players, loves to get involved with the pking aspects and always remains calm in any circumstance thrown towards him. Has helped me out on many occasions in the first week of my return and has guided me around new things added into the RuneWild gameplay etc. You have my full SUPPORT all the way and good luck on your application.
  13. Staff Application

    Full Support Remember seeing you around about a year back helping out and heard great things from you recently good luck!.
  14. 6IXTH's Official Clan Thread

    Username: Sir RolandTimezone: GMT +1K/D Ratio: Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/543c1eb64e37288f29a78a3ddbd84d31Playtime: Screenshot: https://gyazo.com/4727086c997cd3e9398bdede8f262393Language(s): EnglishDiscord: YesMicrophone: Yes but I don't use it.