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Found 1 result

  1. Peg Baguette's introduction!

    Hello everyone, I am Peg Baguette. I joined Runewild feb 13th 2021. I was looking for a place with active pking & a good combat system and I found them both in here! My journey begun as a PKer, I would try to get this purple casket everyday. And I did for a while, until I got into gambling At this point I would just FP, any profits I made for PKing. I eventually ended up cleaned(as expected) but hey it gave me an opportunity to try PvM on this server! So here I begun PVMing and actually liked it(I used to not really be that much into PvMing) and eventually, I started making videos, didn't think I would actually end up doing that! But for some reasons, I love creating content. I'm currently working on my seccond episode of Road to 20B from Scythe! Fortunately for me, one of my friend was kind enough to loan me a scythe which got me doing this serie! Also, if you guys want to check out that serie i'm talking about make sure to check out the "Media" section! Or... you could search "Baguette Rsps" on youtube. The first episode is out already! Anyways, I love Runewild, the staff team is good, david really did good work on this game! Glad to be part of this community.