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Add regular items to slayer monster droptables

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This suggestion serves no particular use except making slayer more interesting. Basically, like osrs, i think slayer monsters should just drop good alchables because slayer tends to get boring when all you do is kill and pick up some blood money. Sometimes i find myself getting too bored to even pick up the money and i miss out on some cash.

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1 hour ago, David said:

Any subtitute items for the purpose of alching you know of?

rune armor/weapons, dragon armor pieces or weapons, leaf bladed weapons, mystic pieces, noted addy pieces, 

Item - OSRS Alch value

Rune Battleaxe - 24,960

Rune square - 23,040

Rune halberd - 38,400

Rune full helm - 21,120

Rune platebody - 39,000

Rune Platelegs - 38,400

Rune Kite - 32,640

Rune plateskirt - 38,400

Rune 2h - 38,400

Rune warhammer - 24,900

Dragon med - 60,000

Dragon mace - 30,000

Dragon longsword - 60,000

Dragon dagger - 18,000

Dragon Scim - 60,000

Mystic robe top - 72,000

Mystic bottom - 48,000

Mystic staves (earth,water,air,fire) - 25,550


Drops for the Higher Tier Monsters

-Dragon halberd - 150,000

-Dragon battleaxe - 120,000

-Dragon platelegs/skirt - 162,000

-Dragon 2h - 132,000

-Dragon chain - 150,000

-Godsword shard - 150,000

-Marble block - 150,000

(these values could be edited at your discretion)

Also, you could just put any random items on the drop table and just edit the high alch value


As for bosses I think its good for them to keep dropping coins since people wont have the space to carry the drops or bring alchs if they are bossing.

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