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Runecrafting Guide

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Hello everyone, this will be an in-depth Runecrafting Guide WITHOUT pictures, because there are guides you can reference that already have pictures attached based on locations

1-77 - 1476 Death Tiaras = 162,360,000 Coins (1,476,000 Experience)

         - Each Death Tiara gives 1000 experience each, 14 Tiaras per inventory. 

         - This will cost you 10,000 coins per talisman and 100,000 coins per tiara.

From 72-99 you will be doing the Dense Essence Block Method.

The Dense Essence mine is travelled to by talking to the Ancient Wizard in Edge, under Skilling, and is the 6th option from the top.  You need 38 mining and 1 crafting in order to mine the essence.  Mining Essence gives 240 Mining Experience and 160 Crafting Experience per block.  This will amount in 1,294,080 Mining Experience, and 862,720 Crafting Experience.  The altar also gives 1350 Runecraft Experience per enchanting each inventory, which equals 269,600 Runecrafting Experience just from enchanting each inventory.  

77-92 - Blood Runes (5,041,672 Experience) 

         - Each Blood Rune gives 474 experience.

         - In an inventory of 27 Dense Essence Blocks, you will receive, 51,192 Experience.

         - 5,041,672/474 = 10,637 Blood Runes Total.

         - Since you get 4 Dark Essence Fragments per block, this means that, 10,637/4 = 2660 Dense Essence Blocks mined, or roughly 99 inventories total for 77-92.

92-99 - Soul Runes (6,517,178 Experience)

         - Each Soul Rune gives 594 experience.

         - In an inventory of 27 Dense Essence Blocks, you will receive, 64,152 Experience.

        - 6,517,178,594 = 10,972 Soul Runes Total.

        - Since you get 4 Dark Essence Fragments per block, this means that, 10,972/4 = 2732 Dense Essence Blocks Mined, or roughly 102 Inventories total for 92-99.



        -  Always take a chisel with you into the Mine, mine the Dense Essence Blocks, then bank them straight away.  Mine 2660 THEN Chisel them by bankstanding, taking them out of your bank along with a chisel, and then click the "Bank All" button, in order to bank the fragments so you can stack thousands of fragments and get 72-92 in one inventory, and then the same with 92-99 in one inventory as well.

       -  I would pick Runecrafting to be one of the first 99's to get out of the way, seeing as you will gain substantial levels in mining as well as crafting to skip the early levels.

       - Runecrafting Dense Essence Blocks and turning them into Runes also accounts for 3 Lifetime Achievements, Mining ores, Crafting Runes, and Chiseling Gems.  This is an easy way to get those done, as you have to mine over 5k ores, crafting over 10k runes, and chisel 5392 blocks, which counts as gems CURRENTLY.  After 99 crafting, you will have ALL 3 achievements finished.

       - I DO NOT SUGGEST starting off Runecrafting by banking all 5392 Dense essence, then chiseling as this may burn you out pretty quickly since the levels are very slow, BUT it can save you around 30m if you are that strapped for cash.




Thank you,





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