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  1. Twisted bow sold wrong price

    ouchhh rip brother
  2. Donations

    wtf does this even mean
  3. yeah i want veteran too! is someone doing this
  4. Road To Max

    did you max yet
  5. veteran rank application

    wow what a name lmfao - gl
  6. [How To] Efficiently Upgrading

    oooh back when credits were 450-475m hahaha
  7. ty for guide! Really helpful!
  8. staff application

    good luck bro!
  9. How old is your account?

    feb 2019 !
  10. Loot from 1642 TOB kills for Scythe

    niceeee account! gzzz on scythe.
  11. Knife OSRS Vet Application

    gl dude
  12. Staff Application - L0OT

    good luck L00t!