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[How To] Efficiently Upgrading

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How To : Efficiently Upgrading Donator Ranks.

I'll walk people through the process so that this 'absurdly expensive rank' doesn't seem so impossible to achieve as it once did.



  • Capital : Ofcourse, the more capital a user has the more viable this method becomes! but don't be disheartened either because this method could even be used by someone with a bare minimum amount, but ofcourse it would take much longer then it would for someone with abundant funds to invest.
  • Increments : You should ALWAYS invest in increments, do not invest the entirety of your bank all at once because this method relies on Store Discounts which at times might show up several times a week or not at all.
  • Purchase Rates : I would recommend that all scrolls are bought at 450-475m each to minimize loss, or even profit if you're patient which we'll talk about in the next portion of this 'How To', ofcourse if someone happens to dump some $10 Scrolls for less be sure to snatch them ;).
  • Credit Consumption : I recommend Mystery Boxes and Ultra Mystery Boxes for maximized return at a decent pace.


  • Patience : Well, this is the single MOST IMPORTANT FACTOR, without it this method is not viable whatsoever.
  • Store Discounts :  You should always invest into Mystery Boxes or Ultra Mystery Boxes as these are frankly the most profittable, ofcourse there's some factors that need to be taken into consideration such as : current trade value, amount of active trades the stock for these boxes (the less sales, the better) but most importantly being the discount on either of the two (will be discussed in the next portion).
  • Discounts : RuneWild offers discounts starting at '15% -> 20% -> 25% -> 30%' so make sure to use these to your own advantage.

Loss or Profit?

  • Potential Investment : I reckon this is rather straightforward, but let's calculate at 1.000 credits to provide better margins.
    x10 : 100 Credits Scroll (10$) : 4500-4750m - Ofcourse, this could fluctuate because cheaper ones could be snatched here and there.
  • Potential Return : You'll have 1.000 credits to invest into either Mystery Boxes or Ultra Mystery Boxes.
    Mystery Box -> Discount (None : 20 Cred p/Box) -> x50 Mystery Box (1.000 Credits) -> 3750m (75m p/Box).
    Mystery Box -> Discount (15% : 17 Cred p/Box) -> x58 Mystery Box (986 Credits) -> 4350m (75m p/Box).
    Mystery Box -> Discount (20% : 16 Cred p/Box) - x62 Mystery Box (992 Credits) -> 4650m (75m p/Box).
    Mystery Box -> Discount (25% : 15 Cred p/Box) - x66 Mystery Box (990 Credits) -> 4950m (75m p/Box).
    Mystery Box -> Discount (30% : 14 Cred p/Box) - x71 Mystery Box (994 Credits) -> 5325m (75m p/Box).
    Ultra Mystery Box -> Discount (None : 60 Cred p/Box) - x16 Ultra Mystery Box (960 Credits) -> 3600m (225m p/Box).
    Ultra Mystery Box -> Discount (15% : 51 Cred p/Box) - x19 Ultra Mystery Box (969 Credits) -> 4275m (225m p/Box).
    Ultra Mystery Box -> Discount (20% : 48 Cred p/Box) - x20 Ultra Mystery Box (960 Credits) -> 4500m (225m p/Box).
    Ultra Mystery Box -> Discount (25% : 45 Cred p/Box) - x22 Ultra Mystery Box (990 Credits) -> 4950m (225m p/Box).
    Ultra Mystery Box -> Discount (30% : 42 Cred p/Box) - x23 Ultra Mystery Box (966 Credits) -> 5175m (225m p/Box).

Ultra's could sell for upto 250m but that's rough with the abudance of Ultra's being thrown into circulation by the Winter Box event.

You also receive a Tokhaar-kal at the end of the road, so along with the possible profits p/Upgrade and the rank rewards, the argument that this rank is 'expensive' is invalid.

Sincerely, Wheelchairz.

Since this Guide was posted the prices have changed, with that said a simple fix to this is to re-calculate at the current active trade prices.
You'll have to decide what is and isn't viable for yourself based on the budget at your disposal, goodluck on upgrading!

Edited by Wheelchairz

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I have been utilising this myself, it's a nice passive rank/money earner.

Thanks, Wheelz.

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