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Rudoboy Rsps

UIM & HC Agility

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As you are friends, I bring you a short story about the "Agility" ability in Ironman Ultimate and Ironman Harcore, and everyone knows that Ultimate is forced to take his entire bank everywhere and it would be totally risky to take his entire bank to the woods just to increase agility, and in the case of Harcore's ironman, because a kill would be his end and increasing agility to the woods would be a total risk.



One of the first solutions that I offer would be that after lvl 60 of agility for the UIM & HC that will gain more experience in the same area of "Tree gnome villague" that could be the same experience as in wildnes or only 40k of exp per lap.

another good option would be to activate the camelot agility circuit for the HC & ULM


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Just don`t HC I guess, or you can simply train your agility to 99 before training your combat level, I did it and didn`t die once.

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