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  1. Osrs - Soloing 32 Bandos boss without banking (no audio)

  2. lil toe Staff Application

    Are you Brazilian too, brother?
  3. Road to 20B from scythe EP 1 !

    Goodluck, man!
  4. CoX Solo No Food

    Nice one, man!
  5. Runewild Price guide 2021

    Nice work, mate! Need some update atm tho
  6. Buying some items

    Comment below with your price or pm me ingame to negotiate, IGN: Brokah 10$ credit scrolls Winter tickets Torva set Vesta set Twisted bow Vote points PK points Emblem tier 10 Zenyte cut/uncut Avernic Ferocious gloves Infernal cape Bonds Scythe Korasi Elder maul
  7. Great for the latin community, sir! Keep it up.
  8. Hey everyone!

    Hello, sir. Hope you enjoy the server!
  9. Off Topic - Staff

  10. Voting timer

    Add a timer to track when we`ll be able to vote again, please.
  11. Lottery

    An achivement ``win the lottery once`` could be nice too.
  12. Skilling in Runewild

    I actually think the skilling in this server needs a bigger motivation, since it takes a good time (even more when you`re realism like me) and you earn nothing basically besides the achivments rewards and max cape after a while, which is not that great. Maybe adding more achivments for skilling.
  13. Lottery

    We need to check the winners of the previous lottery somewhere in the forums or ingame (I didn`t find anywhere I can check it atm), so the lottery can pass more credibility to the users.
  14. Hp - Suggestions!

    Very nice suggestions and I agree with the most of them!
  15. Trading post - PIN

    You are currently able to open the trading post without entering your bank pin, hence if you`re hacked, the person won`t even need to open your bank if you`re selling expensive items. My suggestion is to add the needy of entering the bank pin to first open the trading post too.