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Chico Black

Chico Black's Introduction <3

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Good evening guys, since 12 years old moparscape I remember the start of it all remember when you had to download a client and manually type in the id L0L!  I have played so many rsps and even owned one once before. These server's are fun when you can connect and really get along with the players and grow! alot of the server's players dont care for forums but as usual david is such a great owner and found a way for us to make it to the forums etc being able to deal with setting up a forum account ingame is fucking amazing. I just got banned off another server not going to say no names but there is backdoor on their client for whatever reason pretty much any server owner could do this and I was bringing awareness to players. you never really know what type of freaks are out they're and there are things possible because I have a friend who codes java and explained to me what jrats and stuff are etc lets just say if an owner wanted to be grimy and set the rat to your os you'll have to re download your whole OS. Ive experienced ddos,rats doxing etc these things are not cool and I was banned from a server that I donated over 500$ too for bringing awareness to players to me thats stupid anyone like to have conversation chill pvm add me and we can all be cool I plan on growing with the community seeing as I got another child on the way I know feeding etc ill  want to be on the server killing time so this is a great way for me to grow with a server and community I am on discord and I do also make music etc man conversation and music is me all the way so feel free to pm me ask any questions and be my pal ps anyone remember fergus? that admin has to be a legend :P

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