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Update #44: Bounty Hunter, Farming, Summer Event & More

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Bounty Hunter
As Bounty Hunter has been released on OSRS we have implemented the rewards and tweaked ours to match it.

  • How does it work?
    • The target system assigned targets before throughout the entire wilderness, now it only assigns targets within the Edgeville single-area.
    • You will no longer get targets who are already fighting.
    • You will no longer get targets who you have blacklisted.
    • We have added a new point system: Bounty Hunter points.
      • You will earn 2 points per target kill.
      • You will earn an extra 3 points every 10th kill, extra 5 every 50th kill, extra 10 every 100th and extra 25 every 500th kill.
    • Esoteric emblems were introduced which work nearly the same as the previous Archaic emblems.
      • A tier 1 emblem will drop on your first target kill, or it can be bought from the Bounty Hunter Store for two points.
      • Each target kill will rank up your own emblem, and killing a player with their own emblem will reward points depending on what level of emblem they had. You can receive the reward for your emblem at the Emblem Trader at home.


  • What can you purchase with Bounty Hunter points?
    • Ancient warrior equipment (Vesta, Statius, Morrigan & Zuriel)
      • You can corrupt these equipment by talking to the Emblem Trader at home. Simply use the item you want to corrupt on the Emblem Trader.
    • Imbue scrolls that gives improved variants of certain weapons.
    • Cosmetics ornament kits.


  • Where can you use these new items?
    • The cosmetic ornament kits can be used anywhere.
    • In PvP the ancient warrior equipment & the improved variants can only be used in Edgeville, Edgeville PvP or the Duel Arena.
    • Outside the wilderness you can use these items everywhere to PvM.


  • What are the improved variants buffs?
    • Dark bow (bh)
      • The imbued bow has +105 Ranged attack, instead of the regular bow's +95, and uses 45% of the special bar when performing the special attack, instead of the regular bow's 55%.
      • In addition, the minimum hit from the special attack is increased from 5 to 7 for non-dragon arrows, and 8 to 10 for dragon arrows. 
      • The special attack's damage also rolls between the minimum and maximum damage, rather than zero to max.
      • Lastly, when the dark bow (bh) performs an attack, both arrows hit the target simultaneously instead of having a short delay between the hitsplats.


    • Barrelchest anchor (bh)
      • In comparison to the regular anchor, the imbued anchor has a +10 increased crush and strength bonus
      • It has a +15% increase to the special attack's damage.


    • Dragon mace (bh)
      • In comparison to the regular mace, the imbued mace has a +4 increased stab and crush bonus.
      • In addition, the special attack will roll against 60% of the target's crush defence rather than 100%.


    • Dragon longsword (bh)
      • In comparison to the regular longsword, the imbued longsword has a +4 increased stab and +6 slash bonus.
      • It has a +25% accuracy to the special attack.
      • In addition, the special attack now performs one tick earlier (2.4 seconds instead of 3.0 seconds).


    • Abyssal dagger (bh)
      • In comparison to the regular dagger, the imbued dagger has a +10 increased stab bonus.
      • The special attack's 15% damage reduction is reduced to 5%.



New Skill: Farming
We have introduced Farming to RuneWild.

  • How can I start training?
    • The farming guild can be accessed through the Spiritual Fairy Tree.
    • There are several shops in the farming guild
      • Allana's Store: You can purchase the tools required here e.g. Rake, Watering can, compost & you can also sell your crops to Allana.
      • Amelia's Store: You can purchase bush & tree seeds here.
      • Richard's Store: You can purchase allotment, flower and herb seeds here.
    • To begin training this skill is to rake away the weeds from one of the many farming patches found scattered around RuneWild.


  • Placing your Seeds
    • After that you can place your seed and wait for it to grow.


  • Paying for Protection or Help
    • There is a NPC near the patches which will protect your crops for a small fee.
    • You can also pay them to the cut the tree down for you for 20.000 gp.


  • Producing Compost
    • You can create compost by putting crops into a compost bin.
    • You can produce ultracompost by adding enough volcanic ash to the bin.
    • Compost will be a great help on your farming journey as it reduces the chances of patch dying and provides bigger yields.


  • The Boss: Hespori
    • After reaching level 65 farming you can fight the boss Hespori, plant a Hespori seed in the Hespori patch within the west wing of the Farming Guild. It takes 22-32 hours to grow, depending on when it was planted. When fully grown, the flower behind the cave entrance will sprout open.
    • The boss also has a collection log, upon completion you will receive a farmer's outfit & cabbage cape.


  • Crystal Tree
    • There is a new source of crystal shards available through crystal trees. You can obtain the seeds by killing the monsters in the Crystal Cave.


  • Farming Status
    • There are three ways to access your crop status, through the lunar spellbook the spell 'Geomancy', through the Nature Spirit which is located at the Farming guild or by interacting with the Amulet of nature.



Player Outlines
You can now outline your player which allows you to see your character behind objects.


  • How can I toggle it on?
    • You can use this through your ::toggle tab, scroll down and click on > Player Outline
    • You can also type ::renderself  to make yourself invisible whilst your outline is on.


  • How can I adjust my outline?
    • You can colour your outline by clicking on > Change outline color
    • You can also adjust the transparancy through this interface, by clicking on the button above the apply button.
    • You can adjust the outline and the feather width.


Crystal Items Recolouring
You can now recolour your crystal items to seven other colours.

  • How do I colour my crystal items?
    • You can colour your crystal items by using 200 crystal shards on it.
    • The 'Crystal item (c) ornament' is now discontinued but you can still use it on a crystal item to colour it.
  • What colour can I colour it into?
    • Dark-blue
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Red
    • Black
    • Grey
    • Purple



Tournament Additions
We have added and modified some setups.

  • Pure War
    • It now uses the corrupted Ancient Warrior armour, morrigan's javelin and abyssal dagger (bh).
    • These wars happen from Monday to Thursday.


  • Vesta's Fun War
    • We have added a new fun war tournament, it uses the corrupted vesta armour & vesta's longsword. For variety we also added the anchor (bh) & zamorakian spear.
    • This war runs every Friday.


Slayer Helmets & Ghommal's Defender Rewards
We have added the missing slayer helmet's and Ghommal's defender, you can obtain them by reaching a certain milestone. You can purchase these items from the Slayer store for 500 Slayer points, it's only purchasable when you have reached the milestone.

  • Twisted Slayer Helmet
    • You can obtain this by achieving 1.000 Chambers of Xeric completions.
  • Vampyric Slayer Helmet
    • You can obtain this by achieving 2.000 Theatre of Blood completions.
  • Tztok Slayer Helmet
    • You can obtain this by collecting 375 items in your collection log.
    Ghommal's defender
    • You can obtain this by collecting 400 items in your collection log.
  • Tzkal Slayer Helmet
    • You can obtain this by collecting 425 items in your collection log.


Home Improvement
We have reworked the home area, the former Slayer house is now comparable to the home building.

  • What was changed?
    • We have adjusted the slayer house. This is a comparable home area, you can find Vannaka for the shopping needs, pool of refreshment for restoring your stats, armour repair stand, bank, trading post, the crystal chest, guide for account management, the mode tutor and donator zone portal.
    • The area was mainly made for the left part of the wilderness where the (pure) combat lvl. 88-92 players fight. Upon death in the left part of the wilderness you will be teleported to the western building instead of the original home building.
    • We have replaced the ornate pool of rejuvenation with the pool of refreshment.
    • We have added a nice carpet to the home building.
    • We have added more map icons.


Collection Log Changes
You can view your rankings on the highscores for your collection log stats. The highscores will be publicized 24 hours after the update when there's enough players ranked.

  • What was added?
    • You can now view your ranking on the total amount of items obtained through your entire Collection log.
    • You can now view your ranking on the amount of fully completed boss collection logs.
    • You can also view the amount of items you have obtained ingame personally upon opening your collection log on the top (373/516).


New Character Haircuts
The Makeover Mage has introduced some very chic new hairstyles for you to sport about town, so chat to him for a new 'do of your choice. As a bonus, hairstyles are no longer dependent on your chosen character model – you can sport whatever lovely locks you like!


Drop Warning Ceiling, Revert & Destroy Alert Screen
We have added a few chatbox interfaces that could be a QoL for newcomers or accidental drops.

  • Drop Warning Ceiling
    • After countless reports of accidental drops we have added this feature which warns you before dropping something valuable.
    • You can set the threshold in your ::toggle tab at 'Drop Warning Ceiling', click it to set the minimum amount you wish to receive the warning screen at.


  • Revert & Destroy Alert Screen
    • You will now receive important information on what will happen with the item you are trying to drop, whether it reverts, destroys and whether it refunds the ornament kit.



Summer Event: Inadequacy
Inadequacy the malevolent creature has invaded the demonic ruins. Help the High Priest of Scabaras, bring him your Summer tickets and he will reward you.

  • What is the reward?
    • You will receive a Summer box after bringing 20.000 Summer tickets to the High Priest of Scabaras.
    • The Summer box rewards you several cosmetics and exclusive items.
    • Inadequacy has a 1/500 chance of dropping a Treat cauldron. 


  • How can I obtain Summer tickets?
    • You can obtain the tickets by killing A Doubt's in the wilderness, they don't return as quick after dying so head off to the other zones before someone else kills them.
    • Every three hours Inadequacy will appear near Demonic Ruins, after it's death it will reward you the Summer tickets equal to 50% of the amount of damage you've done.
    • For the location of the A Doubts: click here (https://i.gyazo.com/5daeebbe1036b112ed98ad5b33f015ab.png)


Other changes

  • You can now activate your special attack by clicking on the special attack orb next to the minimap.
  • We have added the ability for bosses to drop caskets and clue scrolls.
  • We have added Ammonite crabs to Fossil island, you can now teleport to the Fossil island through the Spiritual Fairy tree.
  • You can also use the hardwood farming patch at the Fossil island, north of the Fossil island teleport, south-east a bank chest can be found.
  • We have added a Teleports store south of the Spiritual Fairy Tree, the shop sells teleportation items mainly used for Farming.
  • Blood spells now will heal you on the XP drop instead of on the hit like OSRS.
  • The bush, well and cart at Edgeville PvP have been removed.
  • We have fixed where the drop table monster list wouldn't show all monsters.
  • We have patched the bug where larger crab variants wouldn't be aggressive if approached from north or east.
  • The ToA drop interface would sometimes bug showing 3 more items on it, that has been fixed.
  • The highscores would mix the stats of strength with the defence skill, that has been fixed.

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Normaly i dont post on forums. BUT WTF DAVID YOU KEEP STEPPING UP MAN , SICK UPDATE, i just have to comment because this update is next level


love it bois , goodluck farming boisss

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3 minutes ago, Gigapop said:

anyone else having "error connecting"?

just wait mate, follow updates in the discord mate.

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