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Update #45: Virtus, Desert Treasure II Bosses, Soul Reaper Axe & More

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Desert Treasure II: Bosses
The four bosses from the Desert Treasure II are on RuneWild. These bosses also have an awakened varient which can be activated by having the awakener's orb in your inventory.

  • The Whisperer
    • It's basic attacks are in magic and ranged. The pattern of these projectiles will change depending on how far into the fight the player is. 
    • After each regular attack, four shadow tentacles will surface four tiles from the player, converging on the tile they were on when they first appeared. 
    • When the Whisperer reaches 75%, 50%, and 25% of her hitpoints, she will perform a special attack, where the blackstone fragment will glow yellow and the player must counter the attacks from within the Shadow Realm. The percentages are different in the awakened variant of the boss.
      • Shadow Leeches: The Whisperer will appear in the centre and scatter corrupted seeds around her. 
      • Soul Siphon: The Whisperer will appear in the centre and summon twelve lost souls, beginning to siphon energy from them for a powerful chant. 
      • Screech: The Whisperer will teleport to the southern end of the cathedral and prepare to gather energy for three screeches. At the same time, floating columns will emerge from the water to block the incoming attacks. 
    • Enrage phase: Upon reaching 0 health, the Whisperer will heal for 140 hitpoints, restore any drained stats and pull the player into the Shadow Realm. Now, she will alternate between ranged and magic every two attacks,
    • This is a very basic explanation of how the boss works, for a better understanding you can read through this https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/The_Whisperer/Strategies or watch guides on YouTube e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V6GAegTeaNY

  • Leviathan
    • The basic attacks of Leviathan are a volley of rapid-firing projectile attacks; protection prayers will fully block these attacks. Blue orbs indicate a magic attack, green orbs indicate a ranged attack, and orange orbs indicate a melee attack.
    • Aside from the projectile attacks it also has a biting melee attack. This attack is only used when directly next to the pool and one tile diagonally across from the corners.
    • At any point during the volley of attacks, players can cast any type of shadow spell to stun the Leviathan (which will always succeed), where it will stay still for 15 ticks (9 seconds).
    • During it being stunned the player can run to the back of the boss to attack, which will cause it to retaliate with a special attack.
      • Lightning Barrage - The Leviathan unleashes a barrage of lightning towards the player while also launching orbs around it. Run in a tight circle to stay ahead of the electric stroke.
      • Smoke Blast - The Leviathan begins to spit out debris that falls onto the player's location every tick. After throwing ten debris, it will discharge a blast of smoke that can be avoided by standing behind the debris left behind.
    • Enrage phase: Upon reaching 180 health, an abyssal pathfinder will spawn. Throughout this phase debris will spawn. The abyssal pathfinder has a 3x3 Area-of-Effect that the player must stand in; if the player is not in its AoE, the Leviathan's attacks will pierce through protection prayers and the player's attacks will deal less damage. 
    • This is a very basic explanation of how the boss works, for a better understanding you can read through this https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/The_Leviathan/Strategies or watch guides on YouTube e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhzvu8217oA

  • Duke Sucellus
    • Upon entering the prison, Duke Sucellus is initially asleep and must be weakened with arder-musca poisons, made from resources found within the asylum - arder powder, musca powder, and salax salt. 
    • The salt piles are found in the centre of the asylum, surrounded by gas vents; three of these will release gas in a 3x3 AoE from the vent.
    • Meanwhile, the mushrooms are found at the end of the opposing sides of the asylum, past the extremities. Up there, unstable magic will randomly strike on a tile, freezing the player and dealing up to 15 damage.
    • After acquiring twelve salax salt, arder powder, and musca powder, place them in both Fermentation Vats and let it ferment for several seconds before collecting two finished poisons
    • Battle Phase
      • One arder-musca poison will deal 125 poison damage. Players may alternatively feed him mushrooms or its powdered variant, which deal 5 damage. 
      • Once the bar is completely filled, he is forced awake and sufficiently weakened for the player to properly fight him. 
      • He has 440 health and attacks on a five-tick cycle (3.0s). It is highly recommended that players melee Sucellus, as he is weaker to slash attacks and his melee chip damage deals significantly less than his magic attack.
      • When in melee range, Sucellus will raise his arms, causing icicles to spike up from the ground, immediately dealing low but very accurate chip damage. He will then slam down and shatter the icicles shortly after raising them. This deals significantly more damage, up to 56 or around 30 if Protect from Melee is used.
      • If outside of melee range, Sucellus will instead launch a blue projectile, which deals up to 48 damage if not protected against. 
    • Special Attacks
      • Freezing Gaze: After every fifth auto-attack, he will focus his gaze on the player. If the player is not standing directly behind a pillar a few seconds after the attack is initiated, the player will take high damage upwards of 90+. This is almost assured to kill the player, so avoiding it is essential.
      • Gas Flare: He will launch gas from his mouth towards a vent near the player, leaving dangerous gas there for a few seconds. The gas deals up to 10 damage, which can be reduced with a slayer helmet or gas mask. Avoid them by moving to the opposite pillar.
    • Enrage phase: Upon reaching ~25% of his health, Sucellus will enrage, attacking one tick faster to start on a 2.4 second (4 tick) cycle. He will cycle between using one or two Gas Flares attacks in between every Freezing Gaze. If using just one Gas Flare, he will auto-attack twice, launch Gas Flare, then auto-attack three more times before Freezing Gaze. Otherwise, he will auto-attack once, use Gas Flare, auto-attack twice, use Gas Flare again, then auto-attack one last time before Freezing Gaze.
    • This is a very basic explanation of how the boss works, for a better understanding you can read through this https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Duke_Sucellus/Strategies or watch guides on YouTube e.g. https://youtu.be/g0i758AAIlg?si=EVClu8jVETAmnap7

  • Vardorvis
    • Vardorvis uses a standard melee attack, which can be heavily reduced by Protect from Melee, that heals him for 50% of the damage dealt. 
    • In addition, Vardorvis' Strength and Defence levels scales linearly with his remaining hitpoints; as his health falls, his Defence level is lowered while his Strength level is increased. At 33% health, his special attacks will begin to be used more frequently, so high-damaging special attacks can be useful in minimising time spent in the enrage phase.
    • Vardorvis uses the following special attacks at random. As the fight progresses, he will begin to use multiple simultaneously.
      • Swinging Axes: The Strangler's tendrils will swing two axes within the arena (three once he reaches 50% health). Getting hit with this attack will deal up to 17 damage (up to 35 if not prayed against).
      • Darting Spikes: Vardorvis will dart around the player, causing cracks in the ground which will release tendrils after a few seconds, dealing up to 25 damage and healing him for half the damage dealt.
      • Head Gaze: Once below 80% health, the Strangler's tendrils will begin to use Vardorvis' Head to launch a single green projectile, indicated by the game message Vardorvis' head gazes upon you... which must be mitigated by using Protect from Missiles upon impact. While this attack deals no damage, getting hit by it unprotected will disable the player's protection prayers for three ticks, as well as drain 10 prayer points. 
      • Strangle: Once below 80% health, Vardorvis will begin using this attack in which he strikes his arm into the ground and entangle the player in tendrils. Several spores will appear at the centre of the game screen, and the player must destroy them all within five seconds, otherwise the tendrils will tighten and deal high damage.
    • This is a very basic explanation of how the boss works, for a better understanding you can read through this https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Vardorvis/Strategies or watch guides on YouTube e.g. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qNe3XFjSDlA


New Items
Alongside the Desert Treasure II bosses great items were added.

  • Virtus robes
    • A set of equipment requiring level 78 in Magic and 75 Defence.
    • Each piece of Virtus robes gives a 1% magic damage bonus for a total of 3%, and is increased to 4% each if using combat spells from Ancient Magicks for a total of 12%.
    • Like the Torva armour the Virtus armour will give you higher base hitpoints past 99.


  • Soulreaper axe
    • A two-handed axe that requires 80 Attack and Strength to wield.
    • The axe will damage the wielder 8 Hitpoints for every hit they do, and gain a "Soul Stack" in the process 
    • Each Soul Stack gives the player a +6% boost to their Strength level (additive with prayer bonuses), and players can gain up to 5 Soul Stacks; players will stop taking damage from subsequent attacks if they have 5 Soul Stacks. 
    • Players will lose a Soul Stack if they have not attacked for 10 ticks (6 seconds). Unequipping the soulreaper axe or switching to a different weapon will cause all Soul Stacks to be lost.
    • The special attack, Behead: which consumes any remaining Soul Stacks (rather than special attack energy). The special attack, for each Soul Stack, increases the player's accuracy and Strength by 6% and heals them by 8 Hitpoints, essentially regaining any lost health gaining Soul Stacks; players are healed regardless of whether the attack was a successful hit or not.


  • Ancient Rings
    • The Ancient rings are upgraded versions of the Fremennik rings that offer the highest attack and strength bonuses in various different combat stats. 
      • Ultor ring: This ring boasts the highest strength bonus of any ring, surpassing the imbued berserker ring by +4.
      • Bellator ring: This ring boasts the highest slash attack bonus of any ring, surpassing the imbued warrior ring by +12. 
      • Venator ring: This ring boasts the highest ranged attack bonus of any ring, surpassing the imbued archers ring by +2, and also being the only ring to offer a Ranged Strength bonus. 
      • Magus ring: This ring boasts the highest magic attack bonus of any ring, surpassing the imbued seers ring by +3, and also being the only ring to offer a magic damage bonus. 


  • Sanguine Torva armour
    • The torva armour with an ancient blood ornament kit attached to it.
    • The kit gives no additional bonuses, and is purely cosmetic.

  • Ancient sceptres
    • The ancient sceptre can be enhanced with quartzes dropped by various bosses from Desert Treasure II. The enhanced sceptres require 75 Magic, 60 Strength, and 50 Attack to wield.
      • Blood ancient sceptre: It's made by attaching the blood quartz, dropped by Vardorvis. It's able to overheal up to 10% over the player's base Hitpoints.
      • Ice ancient sceptre: It's made by attaching the ice quartz, dropped by Duke Sucellus. It grants an additional 10% accuracy bonus given to ice spells on targets that can be frozen and are not currently frozen.
      • Shadow ancient sceptre: It's made by attaching the shadow quartz, dropped by The Whisperer.  It has an effect of lowering the target's Attack, Strength, and Defence levels when casting shadow spells.
      • Smoke ancient sceptre: It's made by attaching the smoke quartz, dropped by The Leviathan. It has an additional effect of reducing a poisoned target's healing by 20% for 6 seconds after taking damage.

  • Warped sceptre
    • A powered staff requiring 62 Magic to wield.
    • The staff has a built-in magic spell which can hit up to 24. Both magic damage bonuses and stat boosts will modify the max hit of the spell.



Donator Island Instanced Bosses
Due to the crowdiness of the bosses in the Donator Island we have added the ability for you to start an instance.

  • You can now start an instance for a fee in return, these fees vary per boss. In return you can start unlimited instances within the time span.
    • Artio: 1.5B per 2 days
    • Spindel: 1.5B per 2 days
    • Calvarion: 1.5B per 2 days
    • Chaos elemental: 150M per 3 days
    • Chaos fanatic: 150M per 3 days
    • Scorpia: 150M per 3 days


Other changes 

  • The Top 3 Edgeville OSRS event is now based on target kills instead of normal Edgeville kills.
  • PvP league has an added requirement where you can only fight versus players which have a 500 ELO difference with your ELO, also more clear messages have been added onto what your opponent's elo is, how much ELO was lost etc.
  • The donator island monsters map has been redone, we have added Scorpia and Chaos elemental. It's also much bigger.
  • Upon quick gearing the system will take the best emblem out of your bank, you can toggle this behaviour at the 'Prefs' button on the quick gear interface.
  • You can no longer quick gear right after you have killed your target, in order to prevent people fighting without an emblem and quick gearing to receive an emblem upgrade.
  • The projetile clipping system has been improved, ranging or maging larger NPCs from safespots now work properly.
  • Warped sceptre has been added to the game, it can be obtained through the crystal chest.
  • The upgraded versions of Ancient sceptre will break for you upon dying, your opponent will receive 1M gp. 
  • Ancient warrior armour no longer degrades upon dying in instances.
  • We have patched an issue with the Great Olm head turning.
  • Tombs of Amascut second phase is now able to get attacked 3 ticks earlier upon start of it's phase.
  • Patched a bug with slayer helmet's effect wouldn't do more damage against bosses with transitions (e.g. phantom muspah magic version)
  • Added the Keris partisan of the sun passive effect, upon killing energy siphons you will heal 12 hp and lose 5 prayer points.
  • Chaos elemental code has been revised, it's 1:1 to OSRS now.
  • Hydra code has been revised, fire phase bug has been patched and it's much better now.
  • We have patched the bug where the cosmetics shops couldn't be accessed by realism.
  • You can no longer place the blackjack table on the gamble location teleport.
  • You can no longer set up a cannon in the home area.
  • Heavy Ballista and Twisted buckler bonus have been adjusted to match OSRS.

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