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    i clean u and u cleaned my cash stack lol ffs sprad ps dont go to elkoy its bad
  2. RuneWild Client too small FIX

    Good guide. But if you check this out down below, it doesn't even affect me. STILL USING LOCOPK CLIENT BOISSSS
  3. Runewild vid #1 - zyhl

    Camtasia does have that feature but that is the closest it goes to full screen on fixed setting runescape.
  4. Runewild vid #1 - zyhl

    Video isn't great, some clips are eh. This was more of an experimental thing. What I learned: Camtasia is fucking shit
  5. VGOD Pure Pk Video #2

    I guess it's not bad but it concerns me you flame after almost every kill.
  6. 'Hitboxes are too big' fix

    I agree. It works for now, as a temporary fix
  7. Healys First Runewild Video :)

    Almost forgot to say, the music isn't bad but some people don't like hardstyle. If you want to put a type of music like that I'd recommend something more monstercat style
  8. Healys First Runewild Video :)

    I recommend making more of a montage style, with the commentary through chat still. It's a good start but also keep the intro short.
  9. proof rs is non skill

    first guy was not very competent lol
  10. quick, simple money making method