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  1. PvP Armour

    PVP armours were polled and the community at that time voted against. A new poll can always be done with the current community. However me personally i'm not in favor. Pvp armour should stay in pre-eoc it was clearly too much of a power creep on rs-related content. Any server that has introduced these armours sooner or later will get the same problem resulting in them introducing nex armour divines etc.
  2. Sick update was worth the wait
  3. I support this, this would make the dh tourney slightly less rng based therefore it's a good idea. I must disagree with Incredible W. I remember David saying in one of his first streams of the tourneys that he is open to suggestions for any changes on the tourney and he was fully aware that the setups weren't the best.
  4. Been hoping for someone to make a solo guide for a very long time, can't wait
  5. Wag1

    Hey Harry, hmu ingame if you need a lil hook Welcome back !
  6. my idea

    I think the blacklist he is suggesting should work like the blacklist in edgeville pvp. A custom made list for your account to which you personally can add players that have scammed you in the past, or don't trust. If it were to be a public list it is indeed hard to follow up on.
  7. Adding Exp lamps and Donator tokens ?

    Thanks for the feedback adam
  8. Adding Exp lamps and Donator tokens ?

    I'm not sure if the people who grinded for the cape would be cool with that
  9. Adding Exp lamps and Donator tokens ?

    Fair arguments i'm just a bit bored with skilling and the lack of content for donators just trying to come with some ideas thanks for the feedback.
  10. my idea

    Solid ideas like the 2nd and 3rd one a lot !
  11. Hey everyone, Underneath I have 2 suggestion let me know what you think ? Exp lamps: As of recently I have been trying to skill, I’m not much of a skiller but I always kinda wanted to have a max cape. I decided to get to it but after a couple of hours of skilling I already was bored to death and wanted to quit and never return to skilling again. I think skilling isn’t for me hence to why I don’t play ‘osrs’. I don’t know how many people agree with me on this one, but I’d like to see some form of exp lamps come to the pkp shop. Donator tokens: Yesterday I came across a youtube video about another server which used different currencies across the entire game. It used pvm tokens to buy pvm related stuff, pk tokens to buy pk related stuff and so on. I found this idea very interesting and gave it some thought on how this could be implemented in runewild. Disclaimer: I don’t think we should add to many different currencies. I like the idea of bloodmoney. Bringing to many currencies into runewild would make it to custom and/or difficult for potential new players. Players enjoy the simplicity of runewild which is a very good thing! As many people know being a donator doesn’t give you a whole lot of benefits. That’s why I’d like to introduce donators tokens. These donator tokens would be dropped by only killing monsters in the donator zone. The higher of a donator rank you have the more tokens you receive upon each kill. Higher ranks are also able to enter zones in which they find even better monsters. It also would be nice if these monsters have a very slim chance at dropping rare items which can be found in the donator store. Ofcourse items such as donator credits are excluded. These monsters also have a much lower drop rate for getting these items in comparison with the monster that already drop these items in the current game. An example would be getting a tbow from these monsters compared to vetion. Vetion should always have a higher chance at getting this otherwise it would become a death piece of content. The tokens required from the monsters can be used to buy donator only items, perhaps some of which can be found in the donator store as well.
  12. Third week's KOTH Winner: Hentai Gang

    Gz hentai gang.
  13. easy AFK money guide

    20-50m hr is pretty decent ngl
  14. This already exists. There is perdu or vannaka in edgeville to which you can quickly sell off any unwanted items for 40% of the price. remark: not all items can be sold otherwise rare items would have a stable price and lose the value of grinding for them in pvm. Resulting in making pvm and therefor hot zones in the wilderness less active.