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  1. Theatre of Blood

    From what I've heard its 1/75 for purp chest, but seeing as every single item is in the same "Very rare" table its most likely 1/75 for any random item. Specific item would be 1/675.
  2. Theatre of Blood

    I see where it comes from keeping Sanguinesti in the Very rare table too, I mean neither would I like to see it crash like the other items. But my focus is more on the items that are already in the credit shop. Most of them are valued around 40-50% in Trade post compared to shop price. Ghrazi, Avernic and Ferocious being at 500 credits each (costs ~2.5B in scrolls). It wouldn't hurt to move those 1 table down as they are used for pking and have a stable economic price already. Only Ghrazi has met its downfall in economic price purely with the reason being that a tent whip is equal dps, only costs a few mill and has a spec bar which makes pre-speccing like 1 ticking into an ags much easier. Reason two is that a Scythe is as easy to obtain due to its shop price while its not even a PvP item. Scythe is currently at 1k credits (costs ~5B in scrolls) while maintaining an economic price of 2.7B due to overflood. Avernic hilt is meant to be one of the most common items from ToB, and every single player needs one so there will always be demand for it, thus keeping its price stable wether its based on drop rate or buy-able from shop. Just like the Sang staff, Scythe should have never been obtainable via shop or mboxes because its known as one of the most extraordinary rare item and should have held a price of 10-15B. Same reason counts for Twisted bow aswell, there is an overflood of tbows ingame hence why its only valued around 700m rather than 10B while it's meant to be one of the rarest and most valueable item from CoX. What I am basically trying to explain here is, this is a multi-functional server while having semi-spawn pk, realism and ironman modes. We need to find a balance in each of those game modes. There is basically no motivation to PvM as a money maker due to it being so unrewarding seeing current item prices. ToB's purple chest rate is also on another level. Verzik requires quite alot of effort to take down, but a purple chest rate of around 1/75 is kinda demotivating. Moving certain items to different tables and tweaking the purple rate gives motivation for players to keep doing it, even if you see a justiciar piece, ghrazi or avernic hilt more often than a sang and scythe due to their rarity.
  3. Theatre of Blood

    I don't see the logic in this. If David was planning on to add CoX anyway, why would he ruin the price of the only most rewarding and rarest CoX item which in this case we speak about the Twisted bow, and put it in Vet'ion table before hand? The server had been flooded with tbows anyway and price was ruined long before CoX came out so it was already dead content. People aren't there because its new, they camp it because for vennies its easier and less effort than ToB. I hate to see it this way, ToB is meant to be harder and more rewarding than CoX regardless if CoX is much newer content.. In this case i am ALL IN for item resets, thus speaking about every single RAID item. The only fair way is to remove them from every single regular accounts banks, and keeping 1 of each unique for ironmen might they have obtained them, reason being of only 1 of each is so they dont transfer and ruin eco again. Those items also need to be taken out of shops because that ruins the entire enjoyment behind pvming. Those items are meant to be somewhat hard to obtain, and hold their own eco price instead of being stuck at shop dump prices.
  4. Theatre of Blood

    Heard from a Veteran player that a purp chest is around 1/75, yet every single item is classed in "Very rare" category lol.
  5. Theatre of Blood

    Being a new player to this server for around 2-3 weeks aswell as a pker and a pvmer I have noticed many flaws which bug me and alot of the community. ToB drop rates are one of them. Why is every single item in the "Very rare" category? Avernic hilt is meant to be one of the most common items to get before justiciar, yet all those items are classed in the same category as weapons. Besides the hilt, there is torva ingame which is preferred over justiciar armour, but overall justiciar is junk anyway. Its such a waste of time to do ToB when you could open a few mboxes to claim end game items, or buy them for so cheap with $ scrolls. Also next to unique drops, the regular table is quite unrewarding for the amount of effort it requires to complete a ToB. The average loot is only 1M to 2.5M from ToB, while CoX shits out common loots around of 3-9M. Although neither is it worth to do CoX since tbow prices are so low. The only reason people stay at CoX is due to Torva pieces. There needs to be a big change done to keep the game, playerbase and economy healthy in long term. Since there is zero reason to do ToB, the plan is to either increase shop prices of ToB items and drop chances from mboxes, or completely take them off shops/mboxes since they're end game items. The Drop table of ToB should look similiar to this: Purple chest Rate based around how many players are involved in a ToB run: -1/9 solo -1/14 duo -1/18 trio -1/22 quad -1/26 penta Uncommon: Avernic hilt, Justiciar pieces Rare: Ghrazi Rapier, Sanguinesti staff, Ferocious gloves Very rare: Scythe of Vitur, Lil' Zik Maybe its also a better idea to have Torva moved from CoX table to ToB table, since ToB requires much more effort and knowledge to complete. -CoX: Replace Torva armour with Statius or Vesta armour -ToB: Either replace Justiciar with Torva pieces, or keep Justiciar in 'uncommon' table while having Torva in the 'Very rare' table