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  1. Completionist Cape

    I think getting 50M in each skill, including achievement diary completion would be more fitting for comp cape. Trimmed version would come with partial green collection log. Might be a mega grind with all boss pets included but if the cape gets relevant bonusses becoming BIS then it might be worthwhile. I think the following green logs would be viable for trim: 10/15x of any bosses of your choice 1x of any raid 1x barrows log
  2. Twisted bow sold wrong price

    Lol I once bought a Scythe like this for 3.5m a year ago.
  3. Dharok set value

    Not like that though. Existing Dharok pieces including broken ones would be wiped by replacing them with shop sell price value, aka half of what they cost in shop. This would act as if a player had sold them to the shop. Atleast leaves players with no complete disappointment when certain items get cleared from the eco. few factors to watch out for: -Existing pieces in players Trading Post also needs to be wiped. -Ironmen would be excluded from this wipe -Maybe adjust the crystal chest rewards to match the price changes (reduced chances of receiving a barrows piece) If there are more things to watch out for during this wipe, please do write a post about it.
  4. Dharok set value

    It makes no sense whatsoever that a powerful set is worth so cheap. It is really tanky + capable of hitting up to high 90s easily during a fight. Just think about a scenario when you're axing around 50-60 hp, around this hp it reaches a max hit of 70-75 effortlessly. You litterally see everyone in edge wild running with it, because the price (8M) means absolutely nothing in a server where you can litterally make 400m+ an hour pvming using mid level gear. Please increase the price of Dharoks set up to atleast 30-40m so people think twice before using it. With this I feel the other barrows pieces need a slight price upgrade aswell, to match along. For example: Ahrims > mystics & Karils > d'hide = such minimal upgrade cost, yet massive stat differences, defence wise aswell as offensive.
  5. Screen zooming

    Please add a few levels of multipliers to how fast you can zoom in and out using mouse wheel scroll. Probably 2x, 3x 5x 8x so people can have a pick on their preferred feel. Currently its so slow I have to do 7 full turns in order to zoom out fully. Kinda unnecessary on my precious mouse.
  6. I guess we've all been there. ToB being different from osrs and hard for the ones soloing due to the massive damage output by verzik, especially for ironman who have not obtained a scythe yet, thus also the massive reason for getting rejected by other players to raid with. This suggestion is all about making a slight change by adding a new solo encounter. First of all it would be a complete seperate instance where no other player can join in to, because thats the whole purpose of soloing. Hereby the following changes that should be applied in this encounter: Verzik P1: -Make it possible to always knock her down by the 3rd dawnbringer staff spec. This would mean having to rearrange her HP to match it. When it takes a 4th spec, the player wont even make it through all pillars and the phase would take far too long. P2: -Revert the hitpoints to its original state matching OSRS. -Verzik's attack speed should be 4 ticks instead of 5 as it originally is, since we would most likely encounter the fight using a 4 tick weapon. -Reduce the amount of damage that crabs deal upon exploding to match OSRS. -Make it so there is 1 blood crab spawn instead of double (optional change). P3: -Revert the hitpoints to its original state matching OSRS. -Reduce the amount of damage/max hit she deals with all 3 combat styles matching OSRS. Currently we are tanking and drinking brews rather than dpsing the boss due to the insane damage output it has towards a single player. -Particles of magic/ranged attacks should be hitting the player 1 tick faster, this is so it will be possible to swap to protect from melee before the melee attack applies to the player. -Tornado should reset and respawn after 8 ticks once you are being hit by it. To match this change, being hit by tornado should heal Verzik for double the amount instead. By this suggestion am I in no way of supporting the fight being made faster by completion time. The completion time of a run should still be the same as it currently is normally. Most likely to be around the 6-7 minute mark. I hope we can get this through so there is a chance for people to learn mechanics and get ahold of them in a better way, aswell as more feasible for ironmen to make their way to completion of a raid.
  7. Estimated DT2 drop rates

    Anybody know the drop rates for vestiges/axe pieces on RuneWild? I am just curious as rarity of items differ from boss to boss, don't matter wether they're in the rare or very rare table. I am currently 850 Vardorvis kills deep and havent received anything from the rare or very rare table thus far.
  8. Remove Corp from Slayer or add instance,

    That doesn't solve the issue. Master+ already is expensive on its own and to have instances for a rank being 10k more credits is just nonsense.
  9. This boss being able to be assigned as slayer task killed the whole purpose of corping. Nobody is doing corp off-task due to crashers who have task because they have dps advantages. People dont get kills and leave. Another option is to add instances. This would be the best solution to fix the ongoing issue.
  10. Revenant cave changes

    Clearly you can see I havent promoted any multi zones apart from rev caves in my post. Thats the way jagex made it for solo pkers to enjoy busy area's.
  11. Revenant cave changes

    Recently Jagex has made changes to revenant caves. It would be nice to see the Single+ zone system to be implemented on Runewild. Single+ mechanic means the zone is being single combat with an addition of anti pjing, I suppose it works like a 30 second pj timer where u can peacefully fight your opponent 1vs1. This is what attracts alot of solo pkers to go hunting in deep wilderness. Right now its obviously not fun to go on a hunt and get ganged by a clan who are constantly spec tagging with strong weapons. I'd like to see this system being added in certain popular zones outside of rev caves too. -Chins area -44 Portals - West/East dragons And probably a few more locations you guys be creative with it.
  12. Damage XP Drops

  13. Problem With Cox & Tob

    So here is the thing. Since we only have just Olm and Verzik fights the drop rates have been adjusted to match completions and such. If they were to add extra rooms this would mean you wont complete a run as quick and they have to adjust drop rates accordingly to match time being spend to complete a run. if current purple rate is 1/70 for tob then they have to turn that into 1/35 because a completion takes 10 minutes instead of 5 minutes. This to keep our balance in rare drop flow into the game per given time.
  14. Droptables suggestions / Solved

    Since some drop rates are being custom and not the same as osrs it would also be nice to see what your chances are with donator ranks etc. Example: if TOB purple chest base chance is 1/70 it should show it in drop table list. Peoples with different donor ranks would obviously see different numbers, since their chances are better.
  15. Noted mboxes and ultras

    +1. Definitely agree on every tradeable item ingame being noteable. It sucks to sell full inventories of items with just 28 at a time.