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  1. Dohx Staff Application

    +1 Dohx goes out of their way to help others. Understands the game in and out and would be an insanely good fit for a support position on this server.
  2. Vote week rewards

    Should auto claim, but you can also type ::voted
  3. FROM 0 TO MAX PVM SETS! EP 1 - RuneWild rsps BIG GIVEAWAY!

    Not a bad series. The best part of the journey is the grind!
  4. need fixing

    I think this is pretty standard across all platforms including OSRS...
  5. This is a fire update, good work David.
  6. Always helpful. Very easy to access through google, but nice to have it here.
  7. Gamble Ban

    Lol kind of an ironic topic. At the end of the day, someone who wants to gamble will find a way...
  8. Salve amulet

    I would agree with this..
  9. veteran rank

    Good luck to you sir.