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  1. Beggers

    Yessirrrr on allah more teams the better
  2. Infinite PvM

    +1 most helpful cc/discord for PvM!!!
  3. Iron 4 hit Staff App

    On a serious note, I support.
  4. Iron 4 hit Staff App

    If Iron 4 Head got a staff position he would use his power to abuse me. I am completely ok with this.. You know what they say about big 4 heads... sex.
  5. Iron 4 hit Staff App

    Iron 4 Head is sex.
  6. Im still seeking assistance..
  7. For the time being Ive had to result in breaking out an old laptop which is running on vista. When trying to run Runewild i receive the error "api-ms-win-crt-runtime-l1-1-0.dll". After doing a bunch of googling it appears to be due to missing Universal C runtime, c++, etc. When i try to install the windows KB2999226 update i receive the error "The update does not apply to your system.". Im in need to satisfy my Runewild itch badly. I know im going to receive many comments telling me to go buy a new PC but for the time being that's not an option financially, adulthood sucks and i cant just go ask mommy and daddy. So until I am able to go buy a new PC is there anyone here knowledgeable enough to help me fix this issue? Please and thank you!