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  1. staff aplication

    about me???????? i think i said everything
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    aj look again

  3. staff aplication

    fuck this shit
  4. staff aplication

  5. staff aplication

    theres another topic wich has more info mate
  6. staff aplication

    welll theres another which is abit more explaining its ading on to this one
  7. staff aplication

    dont forget about dis one
  8. staff aplication

    forget about this one
  9. staff aplication

    1.do you know the rules-yes 2.no bans whats so ever 3.im on forums and in game daily 4.username-homerking 5.time zone-GMT 6.playtime- 25days 7.gaming history-i played halo and blackops when i was 3 and later on i played roblox on console and led my friends to a empire on a game called [the survival game] i loved it treat people nicely and played assasins creed for 3 years [not 3 years strait] 8.i want to be a staff member because my dream has been to help people in trouble because i never got to sadly i never had the requirements :[ 9.i sometimes I have a short fuse but most of the time im ok and have patience overall i know a few things about the game and i help people in help some times your's sincerely...homerking
  10. staff aplication

  11. staff aplication

  12. zigs ss application

  13. zigs ss application

  14. staff aplication

    1.do you know the rules of the game-yes 2.i do not have any bans 3.im always on whenever i can 4.username-homerking 5,time zone-gmt 6.playtime-311 days 7.i played because i wanted to help other people who need assistance 8.as i stated i want to be a member because i want to help people in need of assistance 9. the first game i played was balck ops 2 i killed the biggest boss then started playing halo few years later i played roblox and played survival game and me and my friends and we built a villige few years after that i played ikov aka dident get anywhere so a few years after that i plaayed runewild
  15. Huge Rewards: Happy New Year!

    mr bombastic... happy new year to all of you especialy its gonna be a good time and brutal as always pkeing