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  1. Vet req

    I haven't seen you around in over a year or so. Do you still have the name "Mahone" in game?
  2. Hybrid 15

    Highly respectable
  3. Murano Staff Application

    Ok, ok. This is a good start. I would like to see more engagement in help cc to convince me to support!
  4. Corrupt ? to ? the ? CORE ???

    Niko on the hunt.
  5. Staff Application - Foster

    Me likey! Very active & dedicated +1
  6. Staff vs The World Event

    This is going to be easy for us.
  7. a map for wilderness

    Do you mean the map like on 07 but with the wizard teleport spots marked on the map?
  8. J's Staff Application

    Now this is an application right down my alley! Highly respectable individual with great personal integrity and a natural inclination to help others. +1
  9. I’m from a rivalling clan to RL. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t agree on anything. I, too, share the same conclusion you have reached based on these observations. In fact I even screenshotted the same outburst in yell and was apalled by his inability to contain himself. This is not the first instance that this person has acted in a discourteous manner. I pointed out, in response to said moderator’s staff application, that he is unable to see past the inherently hostile, but non-personal, nature of the wilderness. To put it concisely: kills in the wilderness are rarely personal. The mod in question doesn’t realise this and retaliaties with unnecessarily emotional outbursts. This particular character flaw should have been taken into consideration earlier. Thanks for reading my intentionally pretentious but honest account of potential misconduct. Much love.
  10. Gambinos Kill ratlords for 500m

    Don't disrespect il padre.
  11. Gambinos Kill ratlords for 500m

    Talk about getting caught pissing in the soup.
  12. Vorkath

    That is some overreach of the conversation, my friend! There are numerous facets relating to Vorkath. PvMing and PKing are two, among many more. Mine pertains to the risk-reward asymmetry associated with Vorkath. I believe that the rewards are greater than the risks. On a secondary note: I would appreciate a more civil tone - one without an underlying passive aggression.
  13. Vorkath

    The premise of my comment relies on an inherent logic that is understood among players. Players that deem that there exists a risk-reward symmetry that is too skewed voted for skulling upon attacking Vorkath.
  14. Vorkath

    I believe that your statement pertaining to fairness infringes on the democratic principles that David employs. Aren't the voting rights a democratic privilege after all?