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Slayer Guide

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Alright hello everyone.

Was browsing around the forums and saw nobody else had made a slayer guide so far

So dedicated to put in some work and make one.


Most asked questions?:

Where to start off slayer?

Simpley type ::home and you'll be nearly spawned right to the location


What tasks can i be assigned with?:

Basically you can be assigned tasks on 4 different locations

- Wildernis - Catacombs - Nieves slayer cave - Slayer tower -

Kj1OURDWSd6BOg55Runl3Q.pngRight click > Monsters


Chances of getting these tasks

Rarely almost never

Medium rare



Slayer tower:

Rare Drops: Whip, Gmaul, Infinity items


Rarely assigned: Crawling hands, Bats, Banshee,

Medium rare assigned: Infernal mages, Abberant spectres, Nechreals

Common assigned: Abbysal demons, Gargoyles, Bloodvelds


Nieves slayer cave:

 Rare Drops: Torture (hellhounds)

Rarely assigned: Fire giants, Ankous

Medium rare assigned: Hellhounds, Abberant spectres

Common assigned: Bloodvelds



Rare drops: Whip, Occults

Rarely assigned: Greater demons, Black demons, Lesser demons, Moss giants, Jelly

Medium rare assigned: Deviant spectres, Ankou, Twisted banshee

Common assigned: Bloodvelds, Abbysal demons, Dust devils, Nechreals



Rare drops: Whip, High gp drops, Pets,

Rarely assigned: Zombie, Ghost, Bear, Ankou's, Moss giants

Medium rare assigned: Hellhounds, Green dragons, Hogoblins

Common assigned: Vetion, Callisto, Venenatis, Chaos elemental, Kraken



For an easy task you will be rewarded 10 points per task

Medium taskes will be considered as 15 points per task

Hard task go for 30 points per task



Store where you can spend your points. I would highly suggest you to save up points and invest into blowpipe since this is the most worthfull and profitable item

in the store .


Goodluck on your slayer grind if you need anything or have any suggestions feel free to leave them down or pm me

And i'll be able to update them you can always quickly do ::topic 289 to check locations

But if you played osrs before and did slayer nearly everything is on the same places!

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