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  1. Come back friend...

    1. Adam


      Both of you come back😴

    2. David
    3. Adam


      I guess there's still no hearing on whether he's dead, or lurking around anywhere :(

  2. Hello

  3. Hybridding

    Good work!
  4. Nhz is here

    Welcome back!
  5. Rizza Introduction

  6. Hello from Russia! ;D come say hi!

    Cute intro, welcome dude!
  7. A unexpected ending...

    Sick bro, more of these!
  8. Just need a little luck <3 Enjoy.

    Haha, some nice kills more of this!
  9. Crafting / Herblore

    We can perhaps add an option to cut all gems at the same pace as you make potions. Still keep the method of cutting gems faster by using the chisel on them. Thanks for the suggestion!
  10. Forum Guide

    Clean guide, thanks for making this.
  11. My introduction

    Cute intro, welcome dude!
  12. Raids 2 Guide

    Very nice, welldone!
  13. Preset Sharing?

    At the moment David is working with some important things, but I like it. We can add this to the list I think. Something like this? ::copygear ret456urd Also just for Respected donor+