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  1. What's boppin -Justin Here

    Lmfao DJ traphouse... That brings back memories. Nice to see ya bro.
  2. pumpkincarver1

    Miss u too<3 follow me on yt i post here and there, nothing 2 crazy. "Mind Reader"
  3. pumpkincarver1

    Why u think i quit Rsps bro. Community is so toxic cuz they're all jelly. At leaat in 07 its way bigger so the toxic gets spread out.
  4. Damn I've played for years but never seen this many skills introduced in 1 update. I bet the skillers r happy asf. Cough (sam)
  5. hi ricardomilos

    Get that on 07 bro
  6. pure nh was active those days

    Lmfao 3:10 was that famine the guy who nhs all day 365 days a year but still isnt good?
  7. What up

    I quit brother. Played 07 basically maxed there. Quit and now just focusing on work and photography:O
  8. What up

    Ahhh now i remember!!! Lol sorry i forgot. its been years.
  9. What up

    Honestly Rick use to tell me that and someone else a lot But I don't remember the guy who said it a lot>.<
  10. What up

    Someone actually unsubbed like 2 months ago l0l bet it was u
  11. What up

    Was g. I still lurk here in the forums every now and then but thats about it. Maybe ill hop on and slap some people lol.
  12. 50m to get in a player hosted event? Plus u got the right to disqualify hmmm makes sense lol. Not even back in my days as mod would i charge for an actual event. Id actually give my own pixies.
  13. Staff Update 1/22/2019

    Both big big nubs
  14. Youtube Loyalty Program

    Ahh now as years gone by new trolls arrive. I remember you high risker....