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  1. Staff Application - Foster

    See this is what people are supposed to do with applications. Clearly you spent time on this.
  2. Staff Registration: Predazerker

    No offense but if i was admin of rw why would i care about you being eco from another server. I still wouldn't care if it was this server but it would make sense. And my honest opinion is this app is average. My advice would be to make a amazing app that no one has made before, putting in a lot of time into the app alone would show and guarantee a spot in the team.
  3. Lmfao elys 50-115B? What did they get eco reset. I remember back in the day they were 600m max WTFF
  4. Damn I've played for years but never seen this many skills introduced in 1 update. I bet the skillers r happy asf. Cough (sam)
  5. hi ricardomilos

    Get that on 07 bro
  6. pure nh was active those days

    Lmfao 3:10 was that famine the guy who nhs all day 365 days a year but still isnt good?
  7. What up

    I quit brother. Played 07 basically maxed there. Quit and now just focusing on work and photography:O
  8. What up

    Ahhh now i remember!!! Lol sorry i forgot. its been years.
  9. What up

    Honestly Rick use to tell me that and someone else a lot But I don't remember the guy who said it a lot>.<
  10. What up

    Someone actually unsubbed like 2 months ago l0l bet it was u
  11. What up

    Was g. I still lurk here in the forums every now and then but thats about it. Maybe ill hop on and slap some people lol.
  12. 50m to get in a player hosted event? Plus u got the right to disqualify hmmm makes sense lol. Not even back in my days as mod would i charge for an actual event. Id actually give my own pixies.
  13. high risker staff application-

    Impressive. Most people dont own up to their past. Perhaps you have what it takes. Good luck.
  14. high risker staff application-

    Bro you literally scammed your own cc members when we had the rwt bond.