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  1. some fun on the beta

    Nice Pk Vid Mate, I fucks with the content Hope to see some more of you soon!
  2. PKer Vid

    Nice video man, Greaat content
  3. PK Video

    Awesome video, Liked & Subbed!
  4. NPC Locations Guide

    Amazing guide B, Impressive!

    Awesome Vid Dude, Subbed!
  6. Picture of my two boys :)

    Their so handsome dude, I didn't know you were a father.
  7. Crafting Guide

    Awesome Guide, very straight forward & simple guide, Keep up the great work B
  8. New Veng Pking Meta?

    Nice stack mate, Might try this out!
  9. Fishing Guide

    Awesome guide!
  10. Herblore Guide

    Great Guide B!
  11. Feedback!

    The amount of time i put into this signature is unbelievable
  12. Feedback!

    Ya Boy @Viision
  13. Just some stuff i did

    Practice Makes Perfect.
  14. Feedback!

    Appreciate the support!
  15. Feedback!

    What are your thoughts on my Signature Below?