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Update #23: Lots of Updates - New Items, Collection Log, Price Guide, PvP Leagues

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Trading Post
Great changes were done to the trading post. You can now put buy requests instead of just selling, view player shops, see your sale progress and more.

  • Platinum token support
    • You can now sell items for any amount, before it was capped to the maximum integer which is ~2 billion.
  • Buying, Selling & Player shops
    • Upon searching items it will now show a list of items you can choose from just like the Grand Exchange.
    • Amount input box is now more advanced to avoid confusion.
    • You can put up buy requests by pressing on the button on the bottom-right.
    • To view player shops, just press on the Search offers button on the top-left and afterwards you will see the button on the bottom.
  • My offers
    • You can now manage, modify the price and see the progress bar of your offer.


RuneWild PvP Leagues
In order to make it fair everyones ELO has been set back to 800 and September will be the official first season.
For a better explanation you can read more here - https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/2361-pvp-leagues-system/

  • Seasonals
    • Every season ends the 1st of the month 07:00 UTC.
    • The transition into a new season is now fully automatic along with rewarding the winners.
    • You can now also view the previous seasons by using the drop-down menu on the top-left.
  • Changes
    • You can now view the Rewards &  top ranked players by pressing on the rewards button on the top.
    • Tier 3 has been removed for faster progressing in divisions.
    • You can no longer vengeance other players in a league fight.


    King Of The Hill
    It's back! With a little twist. For a better explanation you can read more here - https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/3153-king-of-the-hill/

    • It will now start every Friday and Sunday at 19:00 UTC.
    • The event lasts 1 hour and ends on Sunday.
    • 25 minutes after the event starts the overpowered weapon (War bow & Etherial sword) will spawn for 10 minutes.
    • You can view the ranking at the Events board, type !events to teleport to it.

    6df6cc6f799d904ccbda21b4ba15c23c.png 1048b0fe2ad0af4bc2bc39cd41fa1887.png

    New items: Blade of Saeldor & Spiked Manacles
    A few new items have been added

    • Blade of saeldor has been added to the donator store equipment section for 750 credits.
    • You can charge it with crystal shards, every shard gives 100 on-hit charges. They can be bought for 100 WP from the Wilderness Points store.
    • Added spiked manacles for 50 credits to the donator store equipment section and can also be bought for 15.000 from the Wilderness Points store.


    Collection Log
    You can now track your progress of the rare drops you obtain from the bosses just like OSRS. You can view your collection log at the Town crier, teleport to him by typing !guide.


    Price Guide
    You can now look-up the price of an item like OSRS by using the Price Guide.
    The interface can be opened through the equipment tab, you can also search for an item you don't have to look-up the price by the button on the bottom-left.


    Events Board
    You can now view an explanation and when an event starts through the Events Board, this shows for certain events more details such as the rankings and dates. It can be found at Edgeville, you can easily teleport to it by typing ::events.


    Exclusive Skins
    You can now unlock skin colours by paying credit scrolls to the Makeover mage.

    • Smurf skin unlockable for 100 credits.
    • Zombie skin unlockable for 100 credits.
    • Black skin unlockable for 400 credits.
    • White skin unlockable for 400 credits.

    Other updates

    • Several permanent achievements have been made much easier, the final reward is now also MUCH more.
    • Autochat and filtering has been added.
    • NPCs will no longer diagonally walk if they follow you for combat or e.g. pets.
    • You can now buy your ungambling bans, gambling banning is now free.
    • If a monster drops a pet you can now view it at the drop tables.
    • Dragonfire shield is now smithable.
    • max cape benefit not working if u had donator rank is fixed
    • Granite maul has been updated visually.
    • Ancient wyvern shield now has the charged item model plus animates upon wearing.
    • All tournament setups have been redone and a few have been swapped time-wise.
    • You can now spectate the OSRS tournaments.
    • Scythe will no longer kill your pet upon fighting monsters.
    • The Wiki has been updated.
    • The lagg at !epvp has been patched.
    • Gear system is now capped to 20 gear slots, varying with allowed amount per donator rank. View the donator page for more information https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/1245-donator-perks/


    867e72255a014fba2f15295e83645555.png 3d2a77799970b77ab7b4fed32ebd971f.gif

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