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1B If i Die

Going Hardcore and i cant return it anymore (1B GIVEAWAY)

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*Disclaimer*  this thread will update as much as i can and will have my progress also.


Starting of Today i will be starting my very own hardcore account. 

Whoever manages to kill my account will recieve 1B Runewild gp (this price will increase overtime).



1. The Person with the Kill Message in their Chatbox is going to be getting the Prize.

2. Clans are allowed to hunt my Account down.

3. The Prize might increase over time.

4. I'll be entering the Wilderness whenever I have to and especially when I feel safe to do so.



1. What if u die to a NPC?

A: I will slutshame myself for that cause i think im very good at the game, but the reward will be spread in somthing else think of a giveaway or a drop party or somthing.

2. Do you have any goals?


i wanna be the very best. 

3. Will i be accepting donations of my main (vote tickets/bonds/$10)

A: Im not sure about this yet, i dont think im starting with buying everything i can (think about full 3A and infernal cape) let me know what u guys think! should i accept donations from my main or other people?

4. Will u be having a clan to protect u?

A: I dont know this yet, on my hardcore ironman im in the cc "Carrow" (best ironman/pvm cc ingame) but on my main account i indeed have a clan at the start i wont ask for any help yet but if the bounty increases and the risk of going to zulrah or somthing else and i get camped i can and probaly will ask for there help.

Start of this: 19-03-2020:

https://prnt.sc/10prx4m stats on the first day!

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