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  1. Staff Application - Foster

    Accepted. Welcome to the Team!
  2. Staff vs The World Event

    Hey everyone. We will be hosting a huge event this upcoming Sunday (07/07/2019). The event is really easy. Each staff will have lvl 300 range and black chinchompas whereas the players can bring which ever gear they prefer using. The event will be hosted at multi Edgeville so everyone is welcome. Time / Location / Prize Rules Disclaimer Good luck everyone!
  3. Foster's 99 Runecrafting guide!

    Great guide. Will sure help a lot of people. Keep it up

    Eco is perfectly healthy as it is. There won't be an eco reset anytime soon.
  5. Pinned it! Keep up the good work @rayp. Love the constant updates.
  6. Staff Update 5/29/2019

    Thank you ❤️
  7. Staff Update 5/29/2019

    Hello everyone, we have had many staff changes over the course of April/May @Prestige Has been promoted to Administrator @Jhaf Has been promoted to Senior Moderator @King Shit Has been promoted to Global Moderator @Rudra Has been promoted to Moderator @DIZ Has joined us as a Support @i mahutma i Has joined us as a Support @Mitch Has joined us as a Support
  8. Wizard 9

    Welcome If you have any questions don't hesitate to pm any staff member online and feel free to join our discord: https://discord.gg/f7sSCq
  9. Wow @rayp really great work. Thank you for this!
  10. Corporal Beast Event

    I'll join the event!
  11. Some not so good suggestions

    1: Increase Range accuracy for main pking. Sounds dumb but it is AWFUL. Can't comment on this as of now. Will be asking other people for their opinion. 2: Add proper bosses to drop their rare items. Would give us more to do. As Rudra said, it is sometimes hard to add the proper drops to their respective bosses since we only have one world and we don't have all the content that OSRS has. We always look to improve on that and slowly trying to adjust. For instance, we managed to add dragon pickaxe to their respective bosses and we hope to be able to do the same for other items. 3: Not gonna lie but this game is way over due for an eco reset.. Js *Ik it won't happen* Eco is very healthy and is definitely not due for an eco reset. 4: Get rid of special attack recovery timer ONLY IF you get a kill. Special attack recovery timer is reduced with your donator rank. The higher your rank, the lower the timer. Also, the higher your rank, the more special attack you'll recover after a kill. Feel free to check our donator ranks benefits here: https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/1245-donator-perks/ 5: Make untradables cost money to repair *Help the eco* At the moment, all untradeables will be broken upon a death in wildy at level 20+. Whether or not to make it break in edgeville as well is interesting and I will be bringing it up. 6: Tax All stakes, and trades via trading post *Once again for the eco* Taxing stakes and gambles can be good and will most likely increase the amount of riskfights however it is a controversial subject and will need to be discussed thoroughly. As for taxing trading post, simply no. 7: An upgraded Bounty Hunter drop table would be awesome. Like let's say a 1/1k to get D claws, ags stuff like that. Maybe much rarer even. I know there's boxes but that just don't seem as rewarding. I like how it is atm with caskets which is way more interesting. Player can choose to test their luck and receive a high valuable item or simply sell it for quick money. 8: Increase XP for skilling. We here for a fun time not a long time hehe I believe that skilling atm is not very difficult considering we have x20 OSRS rates. Perhaps thieving might need a slight boost but I think the rest are pretty well balanced. 9: Increase the amount of Pkp per kill. I pure pk and there are hardly any other pure pkers so it takes absolute ages to get loot. And main pking is too tanky to get kills without ags or other good weapons. I will give it a thought and get back to you on this one. Not agreeing/disagreeing as of now. 10: Give us a zerker preset. *60 att 45 def 52 pray* You can always make your own preset but if it is demanded by a lot of players, i wouldn't mind giving my support! 11: I know it's called Rune wild for a reason, but some money makers that you don't need to be in wildy for would be awesome. We made it so wildy is where you can make the best money however this doesn't change that you can still make money outside of wildy (cerberus, skilling, catacombs, etc.) 12: Add in Arclight/Darklight! I will need to do some research on that. Thank you for your suggestions @Abye5.
  12. We really appreciate your feedback @rayp! I agree that some mistakes were made on our parts and we're terribly sorry for those who've been affected by some of these bugs and we'll make sure that this kind of situation NEVER happens again.