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  1. Solid work! Love the update. The added bank slot was definitely a must for me. Love the update.
  2. NPC locations Guide [Updated December 20 2021]

    Updated the guide with the addition of the new dungeons. Also added bosses locations. Big shoutout to @Lumin for his NPC guide.
  3. Official Ironman Clan

    Our Goal Our goal is to provide you with the best Ironman experience you can have. This clan is made by Ironmen, for Ironmen. Here you will find everything you need whether it's tips and tricks, a pal to hustle with or even just to casually chat. Our cc is "Ironman cc". Feel free to pm me or Nicc on discord if you have any questions. Prestige#2624 or Nicc#8788 Recruitment Format IGN: Timezone: Which Ironman are you? (Normal/HCIM/UIM) Discord: Yes/ No Join our Discord https://discord.gg/4YwTvmQQRE Nuestro Objetivo Nuestro objetivo es brindarte la mejor experiencia Ironman que puedas tener. Este clan está hecho por Ironmen, para Ironmen. Aquí encontrará todo lo que necesita, ya sean consejos y trucos, un amigo con quien apurarse o simplemente para charlar casualmente. Nuestro cc es "Ironman cc". No dude en enviarnos un mensaje de correo electrónico a mí oa Nicc en discordia si tiene alguna pregunta. Prestige#2624 o Nicc#8788 Recruitment Format IGN: Zona Horaria: ¿Qué Ironman eres? (Normal/HCIM/UIM) Discordia: Yes/ No Únase a Nuestra Discordia https://discord.gg/4YwTvmQQRE
  4. Download Stops at Checking settings HELP

    Hey Vybez K, not too sure about the issue you're facing atm, could you please include some screenshots? I am not too familiar with this issue however I can recommend you to try something and see if it works. The steps you're going to do is going to delete your RuneWild cache: 1. Close your client 2. Go to your drive (C: or D:) 3. Click on Users 4. Click on your profile 5. Find runewild and click on it 6. Click on Cache 7. Delete all the files that are inside the Cache 8. Open your client and see if it made a difference. If not, please include a screenshot or a video of the issue.
  5. NPC locations Guide [Updated December 20 2021]

    After many requests regarding the missing images, I updated the topic and made some minor adjustments. Enjoy!
  6. Suggestions 1.0

    I gotta say that i really like the effort put into this. I also agree on most of the suggestions you've made. +1 from me keep them coming! ??

    I see. That's unfortunate. Try to check out the guide i made for gambling. Will definitely help you in the future: https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/2932-gambling-guide/ Hope you'll be able to rebuild double your initial bank soon.

    Wym by "I didn't even know if I'd won until the game told me..."?
  9. Yell Color

    Added yell tag colour guide upon request.
  10. Gambling Ban

    It was actually set up this way at first. People were banning themselves from gambling without possibility of unbanning themselves. This only caused people to beg to be unbanned or to have people stake/gamble for them which increased the risk of getting scammed. Like you said, a gamble "addict" will always find a way to go around the system. In this case, at least he won't be scammed.
  11. Update is so fire my laptop is about to burn ? Awesome job David
  12. paladins badge

    They are pk points @pkedbyzig restart your client and you should see them as such.
  13.  Looting Bag Problem

    1. Open your bank 2. Right click on your looting bag and click on empty 3. Deposit the items in your bank If you still got issues pm me in game or here