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  1. Donator Suggestions

    Ight, not trying to be combative, just trying to flesh out if anything is actually fucked lmao. I appreciate your continued help with that <3
  2. Donator Suggestions

    Yeah the tripple votes could be a problem if lots of people had the rank, but you still reken the other things you mentioned are OP? I'm trying to figure out if I missed something or?
  3. Donator Suggestions

    Responding in reverse order: Triple votes for $10k donated seems hardly too OP in my opinion especially with how cheap votes are. All the places you can load your preset have on of those special restore altars, do they not? Not seeing the OP side of it, only convenience. (hope you can clarify on this one, as it's one of my favorites) Instant bank after skilling seems like it'll only be useful for saving like 5 ticks when you firemake at most? Am I missing something?
  4. Donator Suggestions

    The problem with custom items is when they are best in slot. This would just a much worse version of a staff of the dead. Also custom item, not items* (not sure if you got to read it all) Not sure if the re-color is in 07 or not, but it'd allow you enemy to know you're using it. Really it's just a much shittier staff of the dead, not sure what the big issue is, but happy to talk about why people might not want it, feedback is always appreciated.
  5. Donator Suggestions

    Which bits you reken? I don't think any are particularly unbalanced. In PM you said the skilling one is op, only thing I can think of it'd actually help with is fire making maybe? All the other shit is either bank standing or no in a !bank-able area.
  6. Corporal Beast Event

    I'll try to host one next stream, great idea mate.
  7. Donator Suggestions

    I'm definitely down with an achievements shop having those items instead of donor. What you reken is too op?
  8. Donator Suggestions

    $$$ Pay Piggy $$$ ($10k / 100k points spent) Custom Tele animation Tradeable Pet Box of only unobtainable pets (hydra, etc) Untradeable colored ancient staff with a spec bar (do dis please) Instant Tele from level 30 with !home, !shops, etc while in combat. (could be Diamond +) Maybe can veng other every 15 seconds instead of 30 if that's doable. 55% Drop rate increase Can !unskull instantly Can !bank instantly after skilling Option to toggle spawnables disappearing when you kill an enemy so that looting is ezpz Sled Triple vote points Able to use presets interface outside of corp, and maybe a few other places if we can think of some Custom yell / chat title, like how mods have "Moderator" and support "Support" Tele over level 10 after dying instantly 100% spec restore when you get a kill ANYWHERE Diamond ($5k / 50k points spent) Spec is restored in addition to hp and stats when a preset is loaded Donator shop with untrades like normal santa outfit, dark santa outfit, elite achievement diaries armour, etc) 40% Drop rate in crease (should be increased from only 35%) Maybe a slight discount when buying from the donor shop Ultimate ($2.5k / 25k points spent) Can use quick teles instead of !mdi (all things accessible through !mdi like !corp, !wyvern, !zulrah, and !obby could open up the "set-destination" interface , when an option is selected, you're instantly be tele'd there. Double vote points when voting Some special custom tele animations that could be offered: (can't find a gif, but the proper Mage of Zamorak tele animation, uses like a cool purple little thing) / seed pod tele / like the spin emote then just an insta tele
  9. Rudra

    @Rudra You the boss, g <3
  10. Lots of suggestions/bugs

    Bank space is basically unlimited, had the same issue, just gotta move stuff to a different tab.
  11. Nice mate Very well formatted =)
  12. [Video] Raids 2 Solo Guide

    Anytime. Will probably make a guide with scythe when I get a chance. Corp guide incoming. Random wildy bosses guide incoming. Those are the current plans.
  13. New skills were flawless, just a few old things were broken in the process. Everything is great now, good work boys. Took me ~45 hours from release to re-max =D
  14. staff application

    too long, didn't read
  15. Would love to see more testing done before big updates are pushed. Bad looks on this one boys.