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  1. Okay here is my 5b drawing, please like comment subscribe <3
  2. 50-115 --> 80-115 300 or something --> 150 1.75-2.2 --> 750 Updated~
  3. Lmfao, was Lucifer always your alt? @David Was the the home blackjack table removed and not put in the patch notes, or is she glitched? Also, would be sweet if you added spiked manacles, gilded chaps, and other clue items to the lower tables of the mystery box, so we can finally get our maximal pure pks going =)
  4. White Girls Fuck Dogs.

  5. song good

  6. PURE PK WITH D CLAWS?! + AGS GiveAway.

  7. Word on the street is that there's a collector. I was actually offered 125 for one of mine. edit- After some thought, I quite enjoy it really. It's unique to runewild, and like a final goal that is very hard to reach for most people. Definitely a positive imo.
  8. 80-120 --> 100-120 30-50 --> 50m+ Will probably probably reformat a few sections later if I remember. Off to a party, will try to remember when I come back if I don't sleep there =)
  9. Created transparent image and added to guide Formatted
  10. Neko Neko Nii