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  1. Few suggestions.

    For the rapier one, I just use gmaul. Can't eat your cake and have it too :_p
  2. Wtf Dennis staff app

    Don't change brother. Rules need to be enforced when reported, if no one reports it there is no issue in most speech cases. Not for scamming and shit obviously.
  3. Wtf Dennis staff app

    >can't banter if you become staff This is why staff and I beef. They think they aren't allowed to have fun / let people have fun. Don't change to become staff, we need people who are able to joke <3 #NeverCuck
  4. Staff app

    Way too long, didn't read. +rep edit- btw by playtime they mean in-game playtime such as a screenshot of this (thus the 7 day minimum stipulation):
  5. Tunes Thread Initiate

    I'll start.
  6. [Video] Raids 2 Solo Guide

    Eh, kinda just read the lines blindly after being up for like 20 hours and adderall wore off. Might have to re-do it when I'm not a zombie.
  7. [Video] Raids 2 Solo Guide

    Might do a slight re-work, would mean I'd need to totally re-cut and edit it. I'll decide tomorrow if I'll commit to that. Did a little re-work so phase 3 syncs up better, didn't go the "high effort" route. Also added that pillars will rape you if you don't get out the way.
  8. easy AFK money guide

    Thanks bro, was finally able to get my RACK from using this.
  9. [Video] Raids 2 Solo Guide

    As promised, sorry for the delay. My video editing software was bunk and I finally gave up on it and decided to re-edit it with a different one. Script was written and recorded in the span of a few hours, so don't expect too much. Hope this helps some of you, and hope this puts GIANTS 300m shit heap of a "guide" out of business. Time stamps for each phase in description + comments: Script:
  10. Finished, exporting now.
  11. Shit was never getting fixed, re-edited it on a new video editing software and wrote the script. Just need to do the audio takes then re-export it. Should be up today!
  12. Today I Took the Pledge

    Meant to put it in "spam" my b
  13. This was one of the particularly well received suggestions on discord: 1) Make all the different variations of maxcape give the increased droprate effect. I'd also add being able to get your assembler / inferno cape back from combining it with your max cape as to not punish maxed players for flexing their no life. 2) Wilderness box has a queue that lasts 5 seconds and the chest goes to whoever is risking the most. 3) Increased bank space for donator ranks or increase by 100 slots for each tier or some shit. I just need more god damn bank space so I never have to come to terms with the crushing reality that I might actually have to fucking organize my bank like a god damn nerd. 4) Allow people to join the tournament early, but not enter the area. When it is 60 seconds away from starting, 1) check if player is under level 30 wildy, if player != teleblock, either teleport them to the tournament room, or bank their shit (including pets) will also need to either check if bank is full, or increase bank space so we can put more than 2 things in our bank and don't have to worry about this issue then once all their shit is banked automatically enter them into the tourney. Basically just paste this in there and you're good to go, definitely not completely fucked code that wouldn't work even if it was calling the correct methods. You get the idea though, it would be very easy to do if you didn't include the banking shit, although that'd be nice. Obviously you need a queue system as well, but those aren't too difficult to make either. Pure autism please proceed at your own peril: edit- Missed a tournament while typing this autism out, btw
  14. Looks sexy, hoping for this chest bank to be fixed, then the map will be epic style (can't change bm to token or tokens to bm + collect on it to access tp is not working either) FIXED <3
  15. RIP