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  1. The secret hit

    pking guide obviously
  2. platinum token

    bruh moment https://lmgtfy.com/?q=platinum+tokens&s=d&t=w
  3. Price actually going down a little for once, seems the donators are back out (from 10-12.5)
  4. Niccs Definitive Skilling Guide

    Needs a couple updates, but for the most part quite a nice guide <3
  5. Foster's 99 Runecrafting guide!

    @Foster Guide looks pretty decent, unfortunately some of the tinypic images have broken, I'd highly recommend using https://imgur.com/ Also if you're rich and a pro skiller like me, you can do tiaras from 1-99, death are the most xp per.
  6. I should probably update this, lmao
  7. Be In It To Win It! (OSRS Rewards)

    @Lucifer @Prestige are the PvP Leagues still going, and do they still have prizes?
  8. INSANE AGS KILLS ?!? ( pk clips )

    Give this man youtuber rank already, he's a walking god. He's an unstoppable force. This man is un-killable.
  9. re-organized to be less confusing Updated to reflect the price change in credits, since these are nearly always bought from shop.
  10. Massive pump on the arma c-bow price (from 55-70) Another pump on the credit price (from 7.5-9.9) must be a shortage or someting Changed the formatting of this section to indicate the separation between the 1 in game vs ultra rare
  11. 100-120 to ^ 100-110 to ^ Added the lance, pretty sure only a few in game if that, so I'd pc it around 1.5-2.5b
  12. Thanks, I always felt this was a helpful touch, as without it I could just move around prices to my liking. Now tell them to unban me! Legit was using 1:1 key per mouse movement so I can skill while I watch stuff on me other monitor here, and since I don't have to stare at the screen I missed David afk checking me for like 40-50 seconds or so, boom perm jail. I never kept it a secret, @Rudra and other skiller nerds know I use mouse offsets, I don't try and hide it...
  13. Updated these from 100 to 75, 500 to 300, 500 to 300, 150 to 50. Credits from 7-8.5 to 7-9.9, they're still pumping like crazy. Added a disclaimer to the one in games section. Pretty sure 2 or 3 of the sets are now deleted from the game. (2 of mine were deleted)
  14. It always annoyed me how slow all the people ahead of me on highscores get XP, so I decided I'll go ahead and give them some competition in the hopes that they try a bit harder. That's all. -Rayp #1 virgin skiller