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  1. Hello David runewild runescape private server owner please allow me one staff for making of pk commentary video thanks.
  2. Bruh one update single-handedly managed to ruin all of my guilty pleasures. >veng ragging >veng pking / dhing >rushing This seems like an update for the crybabies, now the tables have turned and I MUST TAKE UP THE MANTLE OF CRYBABY.
  3. [Video] Raids 2 Solo Guide + Advanced Guide

    BUMP added a new advanced guide!
  4. from Armadyl godsword - 150m from Elysian spirit shield - 80-115b from Arcane spirit shield -1.7-2.4 from Spectral spirit shield - 180m from Infernal cape - 1.3-1.5b from Dragon claws - 140-150m
  5. New 1 hour loot video!

    Try OBS and Shotcut, you'll have a much better experience and the end product quality will vastly improve.
  6. In what is this not serious / adequate, thanks you for you feedback will improvement greatly near future all feedback welcomed.
  7. I've decided to become #1 skiller.

    Sir please trying a bit harder
  8. Arcane spirit shield - 2.75-3b 100 credits scroll ($10) - 700m-825m (7-8.25m+ per credit) (price under quote was the old price)
  9. Dragon Pickaxe - ~100m 3rd Age Druidic robe top - 300m 3rd Age Druidic robe bottoms - 300m Infernal cape - 1.5-1.75b Twisted bow - 800-850m Elder maul - 750-900m Kodai wand - 800-950m (price under the quote is what the old price was)
  10. To enter the giveaway, like, comment and be subscribed (on YouTube) to enter. Winner will be drawn in one week.