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  1. Add bounty hunter PJ timer from OSRS please. Waiting for target when they're mid fight is aids. Everything else is amazing.
  2. Nice update, good job @David
  3. easy AFK money guide

    Thanks bro, this made me rich ngl
  4. Always good update from this "David" guy
  5. Good job big man, this was a huge one!
  6. Nice guide! Would like to see xp rates added <3
  7. Simpy's AIO Skilling Guide

    Nice guide mate
  8. Gtfomybed Vet App

    give him admin too
  9. Very nice update, well done lads! >PvP height fix typo noob
  10. Runewild Price guide 2021

    GL keeping it updated. Was a fun project.
  11. How tf do I get blue shorts now
  12. Now just let me have more presets you freaking goober, gear system is looking tight.