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  1. The secret hit

    Moving this,
  2. Xavier's staff application

    Love it
  3. first runewild video, enjoy

    solid video, thoroughly enjoyed
  4. YT app - StartShaking

    No rule breaking At least 1 video or 4 streams per 2 weeks Your videos have to be HD quality Your videos have to include www.runewild.com in the video description Ingame name: YouTube/Twitch channel: Most recent video:
  5. yo lucifer 

    i paid for credits 24.9$ twice already

    and i didnt recived anyting can u help me with this payment?

  6. we're the best its as easy as that
  7. please someone answer and review my appeal.. been a very long time..

  8. First hour on server and i'm rich!!!

    good stuff
  9. Solid work as per usual
  10. Thank fuck for trading post

    damn gf
  11. Quote
    1. y am i muted and for how long?


    1. Nose PKear

      Nose PKear

      unlocked me my email

    2. Nose PKear

      Nose PKear

      i need mi email unlocked please

  12. Youtube Loyalty Program

    Hey everyone! As you all know, we are very grateful to the tremendous amount of support our Youtubers and streamers have given us. We'd like to thank them by offering rewards. The reward will be based on a very simple criteria. Once again, we'd like to let y'all know that we value the support our content creators has given us. We thank you in advance for making great videos/streams.
  13. [Video] Raids 2 Solo Guide

    very lovely, will pin this
  14. Bio's reintroduction

    Welcome back,