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  1. my held pliss


    1. Gufii


      moderador my held plis


  2. n-game name: Runewild

    Youtuber name: Max RSPS

    Number of subscribers: 37

    Recent videos: (insert link) 

    Number of views that week:21

  3. In-game name: -Josue Rsps-

    Youtuber name: Josue Rsps

    Number of subscribers: 40

    Recent videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GuS79nvEVmo

    Number of views that week: 9


    1. SPEC MAX

      SPEC MAX

      appeal of my account


  4. Tell your boss David, je moet niet vergeten wie je te eten gaf. 

    1. fastnserious


      fk david zn kkr moeder ze kontje is te hoog nu

  5. Road To Max

    good luck lad
  6. We are looking for quality individuals! Hey guys, we are looking to add a few new additions to the team. We are hoping to find the individuals who enjoy playing and are actively helping and aiding players within our community. The qualifications we are looking for can be seen here. You can apply through here Server Support Applications If you've applied in the past and have been denied feel free to re-apply as we are looking at all individuals.

    not really worth it, im sure there are emulators you could potentially find to try and use but it wouldnt be worth our time developing something like this as we are constantly striving for more updates and content to further improve the server for everyone.
  8. fake account


    1. Auth


      mr steal yo name

  9. soooo why did I get muted for no reason? in the tounny? I walked behind mod winningg and said " ill be winningg this" and she muted me for that... 

  10. The secret hit

    Moving this,
  11. first runewild video, enjoy

    solid video, thoroughly enjoyed
  12. YT app - StartShaking

    No rule breaking At least 1 video or 4 streams per 2 weeks Your videos have to be HD quality Your videos have to include www.runewild.com in the video description Ingame name: YouTube/Twitch channel: Most recent video:
  13. yo lucifer 

    i paid for credits 24.9$ twice already

    and i didnt recived anyting can u help me with this payment?