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    appreciate y'all!
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    +1 from me
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    thanks for the support my guy!
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    I never said I was the model server citizen. I help a lot of people and I also upset a lot of people, as evident by the numerous +1s and numerous -1s. It's a good balance. I was never new, and I haven't changed. I don't go around starting issues, if I get chirped-- I chirp back. Usually all in good fun for me, but some people can't handle it which sucks, but thats life.
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    Well, I'm very luck popularity isn't a requirement then huh. "You don't get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies" - The Social Network. Great movie btw haha
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    Well which one is it? You're free to change your opinion, just as my opinion of you has changed. You get support rank and say this now to save face or whatever the reason? That's something somebody lacking integrity would do. Hope this isn't what kind of staff you aim to be.
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    bump @David
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    Dope dude. +1 from me. Good luck chief
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    Great guy. +1 from me. Good luck bro!
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    Thanks for the support and the kind words my guy!
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    you are entitled, just as i am. and im of the opinion your energy is better spent elsewhere.
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    Please disregard
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    Lmao idk if this is support or not. but I guess the +1 is there <3 pm -ragnar- for ur payment brozzer
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    Are you even getting paid to hate/ be negative? Your energy is better spent elsewhere. Beat it kid
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    thanks for the support!