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  1. Eternals Harassing me. again.

    Was it logging in that was wrong? Or the giving away free money part that was wrong. Be specific brother.
  2. Eternals Harassing me. again.

    Logged on to do a quick giveaway for the runewild fam. Ended up getting harassed for no reason. Can't even do a simple giveaway without getting trouble from staff. Here's a quick video of the winners and trade history. I'm not playing victim, I have a history with staff. But what was the reason to mess with me in this case?
  3. Queen B- Vet rank

    You change your name on the daily like people are going to forget who you are lol
  4. Xhevahir95 Veteran Application

    +1 from me
  5. Twerkie Vet Application

    Dope dude. +1 from me. Good luck chief
  6. Gtfomybed Vet App

    Great guy. +1 from me. Good luck bro!
  7. null

    Please disregard
  8. Eternals/Peter Harassment

    Haven't heard anything so Just checking to see if anyone is paying attention to this/bump
  9. Btf (Before The Fire) Clan

    sick graphic my guy
  10. Is tob worth it

    Let me know what you find out, I'd be willing to run some TOB with you! Fair warning, I've never pvmed before but I can learn.

    Unfortunate you cleaned my homie on the way to your riches, but congrats! Nice plants and nice vid
  12. Eternals/Peter Harassment

    Thank you, I really appreciate your help with this.
  13. How do you make a ring of wealth?

    Hey I need help on another topic post. Do you mind replying.
  14. Eternals/Peter Harassment

    Amen to that, but as it seems, I can't even get the common decency of communication out of him.
  15. Eternals/Peter Harassment

    I was unaware of that, but in the context of my conversation, you can clearly see we are not talking about other servers. Misinterpretations happen as people are human, but that's usually solved with simple communication. And if you would refer to my previous post where @Eternals replied before, you would see he is vehemently against communication and understanding. And I quote, "why do I have to talk much"