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Staff vs The World Event

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Hey everyone. We will be hosting a huge event this upcoming Sunday (07/07/2019).

The event is really easy. Each staff will have lvl 300 range and black chinchompas whereas the players can bring which ever gear they prefer using. The event will be hosted at multi Edgeville so everyone is welcome.


Time / Location / Prize

  • Event will take place this upcoming Sunday the 7th at 8pm GMT
  • Location will be Edgeville Multi
  • Each staff will have in it's inventory an Ultra Mystery Box that will be dropped upon death



All of our rules still apply during the event. Failing to follow them will result in an immediate punishment followed by a disqualification. Make sure to follow them. You can read our rules here: https://www.runewild.com/forums/topic/1162-the-rules/



The event will take place in a multi zone in wild so there are high chances that you might die. We won't be refunding the loss of anyone's item in the case of a death by a player/staff during this event. Make sure to only bring gear you can afford losing.


Good luck everyone! :D

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