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Hydra Guide

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Firstly, this boss is instanced. Which means it'll cost 500k to attempt to slaughter.
The 500k GP/BM will be taken straight from your bank upon entering the room.
Please take note of the following: If you die whilst fighting Hydra you will

lose your items, unless you teleport back and re-pay the instanced fee,

to loot them.


PHASE 1:                                    !Poison!

In this phase, the hydra starts with a green carapace, and should be lured to the red chemical pool.
After the first three attacks, The Alchemical Hydra will launch 4 or 5 poison blobs around the player's location. These blobs target the player in a 3x3 AoE, and continuing to stand on them will deal up to 12 damage per tick. These blobs have a short travel time, so if the player begins running as they are fired, it is possible to avoid their damage completely. The poison is fairly weak, but it is recommended to clear its aftereffects immediately.
Once the Hydra reaches 75% of its health, the bottom-right heads falls off and it changes its carapace to blue.


PHASE 2:                                   !Lightning!

Now with a blue carapace, the Hydra should be lured to the green chemical pool.
Throughout the phase, the Hydra can launch four electrical projectiles around the room. The lightning always spawns in the same areas, but the order in which they appear varies each kill. The four pieces of lightning converge on the player's location. Getting hit by them will bind the player and deal up to 20 damage. It is not possible to tile skip to avoid them. Starting near the middle of the room and looping around one of the last lightning spawns, to escape the box they form, is the easiest way to avoid their damage. Players may also hug the northern wall and quickly move their way west while damaging the Hydra, which works especially well with a twisted bow due to its attack range and ability to avoid the lightning with ease.
Once the Hydra reaches 50% of its health, the bottom-left head falls off and it changes its carapace to red.

PHASE 3:                                    !Flames!

Now with a red carapace, the hydra should be lured to the blue chemical pool.
Throughout the phase, the Hydra will occasionally walk to the centre of the chamber and face the direction the player is at. Once it reaches the centre, the player is stunned, but they can still attack Hydra.
Upon reaching the centre, it breathes 5x5 layer of fire to the player's sides based on their location before staring down the middle and launching a tracking fire. This tracking fire follows the player's movement, and travels significantly faster the further the player is (or if they start running). Getting hit by any of the fires will result in the player taking up to 20 damage, followed by a subsequent bleed of 5 damage for five hits. Moving onto another fire resets the bleed. Fires may be tile skipped, though it's only recommended to do so after the tracking fire stops. The Hydra does not attack until four seconds after the tracking fire is sent out.
Once the Hydra reaches 25% of its health, the middle head falls off and it changes its carapace to grey.

PHASE 4:                                    !Enraged!

There is no counter to the grey carapace; do not lure it to any of the chemical pools for this phase. As such, it does not need to be lured as its damage reduction ability does not reset.

The Hydra starts off this phase by attacking with the combat style opposite of what it used in the previous phase; if the previous phase ended with a magic attack, then it starts with ranged and vice versa. In addition, the Hydra's damage from its auto-attacks drastically increase, and changes attack styles after every attack it performs, regardless if it hits or not.
It also uses the poison attack from phase 1, though it generally sends one poison blob on the tile it is on; however, it can still use the phase 1 variant of the attack randomly. During this final phase, the poison attack will always happen after 3 normal hydra attacks, then again after another 9. Continually pray flick until the Hydra is killed.


The gear i personally use is as follows below:

Drop Table:                           unknown.png

If you think there's anything ive missed out/ different gear set-up's you personally use, please let me know in the comments, and the appropiate edit will be taken-up.


Edited by Adam

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Good guide bro! Thanks for the info, sure this will help a lot of people, pvm is getting missed these days but needs to be brought back :(

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Aye, I appreciate the guide, it was detailed enough, while getting straight to the point, allowing me to be able to absorb all the info quickly.  Appreciated ;D

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