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  1. AIO Bosses Guide

    This has been so longly outdated, the pics never worked and i came to RW in like March.. Id say improve or Remove Lul It's creating gaps between the "Complete Edition" guides that are also posted , take it from me, I didn't want to spend hours reading the forums I wanted to be able to search a legitimate question that im sure many others have asked, such as "Does the Bloodfury Amulet's special mechanic work the same way as osrs?" , or "Does Vesta's and/or Statius's Armor and their hammer longsword degrade on RuneWild?"
  2. New Players Guide 2022

    I'm sure this will speed up a new players adventure by 30 minutes, lol nice job
  3. New Players Guide

    Good lil starter guide for new players, sad to see you didnt finish it tho
  4. easy AFK money guide

    Can I please get a better example as to where to stand instead of that single shot of yourself and the minimap....?
  5. Like my title says, I have no idea why it crashes when I try to use GPU mode, I can play WoW almost at max settings, WHILE raiding 25-man, and rarely ever have lag spikes.... So is there something I need to do in order for it to work...?
  6. Nice technique you’re pulling there
  7. runewild hybrid pking

    Nice little montage lol. Nothing too impressive happening in this video, but I did notice, you have pretty quick and fluid clicks, I was impressed with that
  8. New Pk Video VB

    Noice noice, not bad for a rookie video “maker” like you and me, lol. Look forward to encountering you all in the Wildy ??
  9. Hey everyone!

    Well, look atchyu, hotshot on the block coming out the gates gambling
  10. Nex (All in one) Guide

    Heck yeah, this will help new-comers earn some gp. My noob stages were pretty slow when i started RW, if I would've known about Nex l0l, i would've had 1b from day 1
  11. Yell Color

    Hell yeah, appreciate the info mayne
  12. This is actually a nice update list. I'm enjoying the server, thanks for the effort put into making it sustainable and interesting<3
  13. severs down?

    Never had this issue before, but attempted logins says "No reasponse from server, try again" -__-, still kinda of a noob here to Rune Wild, would just like some clearing up pl0x
  14. Basilisk Knight Location & Explanation.

    hANDY GUIDE, BUT A GUIDE TO TRUMP THIS GUIDE WOUKD BE TO TELL PEOPLE THYE CAN FIND ALL NPC FROM MAJOI BOSS OR SLAYER VIA TYPING THEI NPC NAME IN... Give us some piocture nd shit to make this not another Run-of-Rhe-Mill to the point guide
  15. The time has come

    I can +1 this, i see no flaws to the proposed quality of life upgrade