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  1. In all honesty, I think the issue is being exacerbated by some issues we were having with the mail service we were using, this being changed soon. This means that for people who can't recover via email, are also waiting for David's assistance, so he's very busy right now. Apologies for the inconvenience though.
  2. Casket guide

    the gravediggers played me
  3. Casket guide

    nice work Adam.
  4. Salve Amulet for realist accounts

    This. Would love to see it added to the game though, will be suggested to devs.
  5. Official - PRICE GUIDE - 2021

    Ely is 70+ right now, and scrolls should prob be buffed up to an average of 550m. Nice to see you back, Hp.
  6. New N E W

    Welcome bro!
  7. Veteran rank

    Any previous names? I'll forward this on.
  8. Max Cape Perks

    Hoping to have the same right-click abilities as the max cape, the diary cape also has the highest drop rate bonus of any cape with a 4% increase.
  9. Granite Hammer Suggestion

    100% idk why it's not already in the game, thanks.
  10. Iron Men

    This gon be good.
  11. add some staff member and support

    New staff are currently being selected, but it's a lengthy process because we want to make sure the right people are given the opportunity. If you type ::staff and see none online, try messaging a member of staff through the discord server, but please keep in mind that many of us are players just like yourselves with extra permissions to help the majority.
  12. Update suggestions

    That's a better way of going about it, but that would make skilling even less profitable than it already is, you'd only need half the supplies you need now to reach 99 with double experience.
  13. Have you previously set a bank pin? If not try clicking on the bank booth, rather than the banker npc behind it.
  14. .

    Nice video bro.
  15. nope sell you gold

    How can we help?