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    Yo! nice 2 shot! congrats on the ely.
  2. HASH ROSIN Staff Application

    Good luck
  3. till i die staff application

    Good luck sir!
  4. R E D's Staff application

    Good luck sir!
  5. what should i do with my money?

    Save up and make more money then buy expensive items
  6. Good luck on your stream and have fun
  7. Looking forward to this new series. Didn't know barrows were added to collection log thanks for letting me know
  8. Looking for Infernal cape service.

    or vote shops/ or buy from players/ trading post
  9. Casket key

    I think he's talking about the casket key from pk shop, which you need Green/Purple/Golden caskets, you get it from pking or pvming boss.
  10. Hi.

    Welcome to the game
  11. Nexus - Pvm clan/Community

    Good luck sir. Good to see this
  12. Cant enter Master area

    Yup, you gotta buy another 10$ scroll then spend it
  13. looking for

    Spawn them. ::Getid/::item