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  1. Dharok set value

    Panic buy DH sets
  2. Decent range gear with a Zaryte Crossbow + Ruby Bolts (e), spec it and hit an almost guaranteed 110, then switch to max melee w/ a scythe and hit it down. 99% chance to snipe the kill from people that aren't doing this method. Have fun. (Only recommended for the ::di instance, as it is out of the wilderness and you can bring as much risk as you like)
  3. https://gyazo.com/83d2b1d3cb0323fb071929a65c591806
  4. Veteran rank Ho-Oh

    Good luck
  5. Just deiron, and then you can use the bank to store your items.
  6. Valhalla pk

    Dead content
  7. Valhalla pk


    Requirements to join - Atleast a couple of braincells. Then why is Yeat Fan in your clan?
  9. Dharok Risk PK Video 1

    Will keep it on there for next time, thanks for the feedback