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  1. Looking for series ideas

    I did a scratch from 0gp. good progress so far. havent fp or anything Glgl
  2. Nasty Focus Vet app

    Old player +1 for me
  3. New Players Guide

    Good looking guide! Keep up the good work
  4. Road to 20B from scythe EP 2 !

    Keep up the good videos
  5. Road to 20B from scythe EP 1 !

    Good progress, Keep up the good videos. Looking forward
  6. Capes tob and Cox

    Tob is already added, but not Cox Good suggestion
  7. Jake staff app

    Good luck Jake, +1 from me, great staff from before.
  8. AIO Bosses Guide

    Damn, we need a new update on this lol
  9. Hey everyone!

    Welcome to runewild sir, hope you enjoy your stay here.
  10. Too many login attempts?

    You have to use the email address to login, you can use any address like example. Example123@runewild.com etc
  11. Realism Guides?

    Realism, guide.. hmm, it'll be the same as iron man basically, but you can trade thats it. First off go train at rock crabs or lumbridge goblins, get decent stats go kill dragons for bones, use them on altar at home by emblem trader. then do slayer to get some money and slayer lvls, then do what you want. Zulrah/gorillas etc, finish completion logs get you rewards etc. completion logs are located between the friendlist and log out button. get good rewards for completing the etc. Anything else just say here.
  12. WASD Camera spinning

    you can use your mouse scroll to move it around
  13. Off Topic - Staff

    I'm glad to hear
  14. Hello Everybody!

    Welcome to the server ! Hope you enjoy your stay

    That was some good clips and edit! Nice video - Peter