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    Need more information on all of the questions. Try to explain more and write more. Good luck.
  2. Staff Application - HanZo

    I've seen you on often a lot, so I'm neutral for now. Try to help out more often. (:
  3. First hour on server and i'm rich!!!

    Nice stuff man
  4. Mining Guide

    Look's very helpful! Looking forward to use this when i'm training mining. (: thank you
  5. What up

    oof that's nice man.
  6. What up

    yeah man, how are you? i dont see you on anymore :c
  7. What up

    It's Peter :3
  8. What up

    Nah i'm still subbed. Do you still remember me? Mr. Justin not so OG
  9. What up

    Hi Rudra, it's nice to see you here again. :3 hopefully see you in game soon now! By the way All unsub @Justin
  10. Battle Mages Guide (Safest Method)

    Good method guy my man. :3
  11. high risker staff application-

    You're very active that I see plus there is a lot of Venezuela players that doesn't really talk in English and you can speak both. I've often seen you online when i'm online so that's good. So my mood for you is neutral :3 Good luck
  12. Very nice update!!! loving the new caskets for free and the 1 credit/votes :3