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Be In It To Win It! (OSRS Rewards)

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The New 1M OSRS item
You can obtain this item by participating in the events, it's directly rewarded for the winner of the single tournaments and it can also be bought through the clan store for 100 clan points.


You can cash-out by right-clicking it, after pressing cash-out it will send an alert to me.
After that simply PM me on discord or on the forums for the cash out.

King of the Hill
The Top 3 in King of the Hill will receive clan points which they in return can use to buy the `1M OSRS` item.

Top 3 rewards
#1: 35M OSRS / 3500 clan points
#2: 12.5M OSRS / 1250 clan points
#3: 2.5M OSRS / 250 clan pointsdividers-R1-rough-grey.png
Tournament (1v1) Rewards
You will receive an x amount of the item `1M OSRS` for the tournament you've won.dividers-R1-rough-grey.png
Clan Tournaments (4v4) Rewards
The winning clan's leader will receive clan points which he can spend in the clan store afterwards.


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I’m hyped! Genuinely looks very good & as Adam said it will be much easier to claim the rewards. 

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