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  1. Runewild hybrid

    Some serious switching there bro, good timing with the mage switch caught a few splashes. Keep it up, make a montage.
  2. Aries GFX Shop

    Wanna DM?
  3. Bank

    Thanks man - legit took an hour to do!
  4. Aries GFX Shop

    Noticed this just got unlocked, you still doing signatures?
  5. Bank

    Fair, I would love to do a bank cleaning service at some stage but I'm not sure if it's allowed, plus I'm still very new and not trusted.
  6. Bank

    Cheers bro - nah man but super close haha, 18/19 done and just need jaw to complete log!
  7. Bank

    Thanks man, it seriously is an easy way to organise a bank.
  8. Niccs Definitive Skilling Guide

    Bumping this up due to it being a great guide and I'm using it now - thanks a lot!
  9. Bank

    Hi all, Not sure if I'm the only one, but having an organised bank makes me feel so much more relaxed in-game. This bank is a mix of my own loot, plus almost everything from ::shops (some stuff of which I will probably never use) but was purchased in order to create some organisation. This bank set-up took me about an hour and almost anyone can copy it for an easy, well organised and anxiety-free bank. This won't be a continuously updated thread, I just would like this to be a reference guide to people out there like me who want an organised bank and fast. Tab 1: Skilling (not organised yet, will be smaller and more organised when I remove only what I don't need). Tab 2: Food and Potions Tab 3: Melee Tab 4: Mage Tab 5: Ranged Tab 6: Amulets, Rings & Misc Tab 7: Slayer & PK
  10. Vidar's graphic design showcase

    Nice! You do signatures?
  11. Forum Activity

    Yeah I know about the Discord I'm in it, I just like the forums too.
  12. Forum Activity

    I would love to see more forum engagement from players, I know the forums aren't for everyone but it feels a little inactive for one of the most popular RSPS's available at the moment. Perhaps more in-game advertisement? Not really sure the actual solution but just an idea.
  13. knights

    Nice guide man lmao
  14. LADS

    They can be killed at https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/w/Jormungand's_Prison.
  15. Road to Basilisk Collection Log

    I'm coming for your KC bro don't worry about that. Be on most of today so we will see.