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  1. Unity Clan

    best cc helps a lot join now or i hurt you
  2. Make it possible for UIM to deathpile somewhere

    your very funny hahahahhhahaahauaahdgahdgasdhjagdkjhsagjkhsagdkjhswgd
  3. Currently its not possible to death pile anywhere since (almost) all your items go to death. Making it hard to deathpile to go into the wildy to get certain items without risking litearly everything.
  4. Shade x - Staff Application

    humongous vouch very helpful and spooned.
  5. Forums Rank Request Application Section

  6. Wellbeing suggestion GAMBLING

    I agree +1
  7. PJ Timer

    This would be nice.
  8. Clue Scrolls, Real Achievements, and Minigames

    +1 it would also be nice if clue scrolls had wildy steps only, but that could be bad for hardcores though.

    This would be amazing since its annoying wanting to go to wildy and not being able to store for example imbued god capes and losing it.
  10. Wilderness slayer master!

    A slayer master that will only give wildy tasks would be amazing. Larrans keys droprate should be lower while doing a wildy task and more money each kill. Maybe more points aswell.
  11. Add New Agility Training - Wilderness is Garbage

    and trying to go for 200m
  12. GIM

    This would be sick. Just imagine going pking with your GIM team lmfao.
  13. Shooting Stars & Skilling Suggestion

    It would be cool if the shooting stars would spawn both in wildy and in safe areas. Wildy stars would give more.