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  1. 45 Defence Ironman Progress days 1-7!

    Thank you He is stronger and taller so I cant really do that. Thank you Lol
  2. Hello my name is BlueChinchompa (The best kind of chinchompa ) this is the first week of progress of my 45 defence ironman zerker (Pure Blue). The account is also locked to 52 prayer (55 in the future) and 75 attack. Day 1 ----------- Started off the account by training my combat stats. Got around 60 range then I decided to go to zulrah with red d hide body and chaps + a magic short bow. Ended up doing a few kills. Sadly I ended up losing my hcim status to snaklings , because I forgot to put on my ring of recoil after my first one broke. Sadly I do not have a picture The kill after that I ended up getting a Serpentine Helm at 6kc ! My brother ended up destroying it when he grabbed my mouse and thought there would be a warning message sigh. I did 2 more kills then I left zulrah for now. I also went to revenants and got my Imbued Saradomin cape(500 ether). I also got my elite void. I no longer have a picture of day 1 but the only stats I had were melees. Day 2 ---------- I got 35 woodcuttering to go to brimhaven dungeon to do my Moss Giant slayer task and ended up getting a beaver pet that will be named Clyde (s/o to someone is Realism CC(Now Unity) sorry I forgot your name since the old discord got deleted D:) After killing some Moss Gaints I got 52 prayer :DDDD. I decided to start splashing for 94 prayer I want to get to 88 cb so I can pk pures with veng at 45 defence. Day 3 ----------- Splashed from 5:00pm to 9:30pm for 93 magic. Over half way to 94! Day 4 ---------- I Got 94 magic and trained my attack to 75 and my strength to 82 for 88 combat. Time to finally start pking!!!!!!!! Ended up gaining over 2.3k+ pkp leaving me at 3.4k from the few kills I got at revenants. I also traded over a bond allowing me to get access to donator zone. So I got 53 woodgathering and 56 firecreation. The main goal currently is to get my BIS boots: Spiked Manacles. Which I can only obtain via the pkp shop from my knowledge. Day 5 ---------------- I continued pking pures/zerkers. Ended up getting 1800 PKP. Leaving be at 5k pkp. Quarter of the way there! I decided to do some pvming so I went to Nex since I was starting to run out of supplies like runes,potions,and food. Did only 5 kills with mediocre gear and got 32m so if your looking for a good money making method I highly recommend Nex. I also changed from Windows 10 to Linux Mint. Which is why some pictures may be missing due to me being a dumb ass and not backing up the images that weren't in my pictures folder. At least I got all the Kirby ones! Day 6 ----------- I Woke up and decided to work on base 50 stats so before I went to the bus I decided to get 50 mining. Then 50 herblore..... Then 50 smithing. Soon I will become a maxed zerker. Then I decided to go back to zulrah after 4 days. Did 7 kills, but sadly no unqiue Never Lucky Scam Game. Wouldve kept going if I didn't die :(. Only pked 300pkp today. Day 7 --------- Pked 900 pkp today sorry that its kinda getting boring at this point as I really want to get the spiked manacles grind out of the way and start going in deep wild or do harder pvm bossing. I am going to chaos fanatic for the dragon war hammer or kodi. You have to risk 5m to attack him and maxed combat accounts can attack me. I got a larran's key and got 17,200 toadflax which is really good money so if I get pked at chaos fanatic I will be fine. There are many pkers at Mage bank and I'm having to logout every 5 seconds smh. After watching settled's newest video I went back on and scouted and managed to escape successfully. Made 41m in one Chaos Fanatic kill. Then I went on my main to do some Nex. Did a few more kc sadly nothing notable. -------------------------------------------- Thank you for reading my progress if you have any tips for me please comment them below Have a great rest of your day stay safe! Next one will not be a day 7-14 it will just show drops and other notable things.
  3. 125b Pure Msb Tournament

    IGN: Bluechin Im a dumbass I thought it said thursday LMFAO.
  4. Main issue about Realism Accounts

    I would make a realism if I could change combat stats at 99.
  5. 125b Pure Msb Tournament

    IGN - BlueChin nvm its at 1pm cant play sorry.
  6. Amw Staff App

    riot in falador if he doesnt get staff!
  7. Loot From 100 Cerberus

    thank you very useful
  8. stuck in duel arena duel

    idk if this is a good place to post this, but i dont know anywhere else to post this, but im stuck in a duel in the duel arena with my brother and i cant forfeit since i turned on no forfeit and i accidently turned on no mele. We tried closing the client but it just says we are still logged in even though we arent. edit: i got help
  9. Official Ironman Clan

    IGN: IronM4n Pkr Timezone: EST Which Ironman are you? (Normal/HCIM/UIM) Ex-HCIM (Stupid bronze dragons) Discord: Yes/ No Yes Plava Mujmuum#0262