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easy AFK money guide

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So we are going to blood barrage monsters on the catacombs the best ones is probably

Smoke devils [best for AFK]

So for Dust devils this is the gear your going to need -

Rich - ce488a0e53d2a6a7a2af949bd88b4ad7.png


Average - 86036c83428ecf439e7ea10fdcf8da97.png


Poor - bb2f76cf7e770abf9039ff9b9292e347.png


With these gears you can average 20m - 50m an hour at dust devils. ( Helps if u have augury )

To maximize the money per hour it helps if you go to this spot because all dust devils go into 3 piles instead of all around and all u have to do is stand still.

Stand here - acde0e2350fb8a7f92b9f7768a54f13a.png



You also dont just get Blood money you can get a veryiety of -


 You can wear a ring of wealth or a Ring of wealth (i) To help maximize your profits


Slayer is also  a very good Idea for money you can average out around 5m a task


You can also do achievements for 2-40m cash (be a where they take some time)


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