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Update #27: Torva's Armour, Ring of Vigour & Christmas Event

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Christmas Event: Santa vs. Anti-Santa
Fiend creatures have set foot onto RuneWild, wanting to ruin this jolly Christmas for everyone. Santa is asking for your help in the battle against his biggest enemy, the Anti-Santa. Give a helping hand to our beloved Santa and make this Christmas amazing again!

  • What is the reward?
    • You will receive a christmas box after bringing 10,000 Christmas tickets to the Santa.
    • The Christmas box rewards you several exclusive items.

  • How can I obtain Christmas tickets?
    • You can obtain the tickets by killing Possessed Ice Giants in the wilderness, Ice Giants don't return as quick after dying so head off to the other zones before someone else kills them.
    • Every three hours the Anti-Santa will appear near Demonic Ruins, after it's death it will reward you the Christmas tickets equal to 50% of the amount of damage you've done to the Anti-Santa.


Torva's armour
The best in slot melee armour, incrementing the hitpoints cap per piece that is worn.

  • What are the hitpoints cap bonuses?
    • Helm: +4 hitpoints cap
    • Platebody: +14 hitpoints cap
    • Platelegs: +7 hitpoints cap
    • Total: +25 hitpoints which results in 99+25: 124 hitpoints.
  • Where can I use it?
    • You can only use the Torva's armour in the single area of Edgeville.
    • The area-limitation was added due to our stance on keeping it as OSRS as possible. This is still up for discussion as it's fairly a new concept introducing a pre-EOC item, but we thought this would be the safest way onto introducing this out of the ordinary armour.
  • How can I obtain it?
    • The Torva's armour is dropped by Chaos Fanatic.
    • You can obtain it for 2.500 credits per piece in the Sponsor store.


Ring of vigour
The ring of vigour makes you use 10% less special attack energy on every special attack, e.g. at a dragon dagger which is 25% you will now use 22.5%. When timed correctly you can for example use 2x the korasi's spec which normally requires 60% special attack but in this case 54%.

  • Where can I use it?
    • You can only use the ring of vigour in the single area of Edgeville.
  • How can I obtain it?
    • The ring of vigour is dropped by Chaos Fanatic.
    • You can obtain the ring for 2.000 credits in the Sponsor store.


Other updates

  • You will now see a confirmation box upon selling an item to the trading post at an severely undervalued price.
  • Korasi's sword has been buffed in terms of special attack damage and accuracy.
  • Outfit boxes now have a proper look showing the hat/helm on the box.
  • Patched an issue with dragon thrownaxes and granite maul's special attacks where it wouldn't trigger after a magical attack.
  • Patched an issue with picking up items whilst dying, a really rare occurence but could lead to smuggling e.g. the staff at Raids 2.


A woman wearing the torva's armour next to the Jolly Santa


The evil Anti-Santa unleashing havoc in the deeper ends of the Wilderness

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Why did you add EOC?



jk, 666 revision is my favorite revision item wise, while runewild combat is super clean,  so I'm quite enjoying these updates,  best of both worlds, keep 'em coming.


Edited by rayp

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Great update, I like how the torva isn't fully pre-eoc. Would like to see how it plays out in edge though, as far as the wildy events....I would hope it's possible to move the multi-zone events into singles so new players/solo players can enjoy the events as well.

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interesting update ;) bring's something different to the table to stop things going stale so I can see the reason behind it and could be a lot of fun 


goodwork like usual david <3 

Edited by Wclord999

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